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How to Find Peace Amidst Uncertainty

By Daxx Bondoc

For the most of us, life can be very uncertain. Our plans and reality does not always match up. 

And then there is fear. Fear of failure, fear of making a mistake, fear of uncertainty.

No amount of positive thinking and pop psychology can convince us  that we have total control of our reality. Hard as we try to brainwash ourselves, reality just bites. No one can totally predict nor control the future. One earthquake and everything that gave us security gets swallowed up by the ground.

Uncertainty is part of life.

No one escapes it.

So how do we deal with it?

We deal with uncertainty by cling to something certain. A certainty so certain that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. We must build our lives to the Rock that shall not pass away. Only in Christ shall we find peace in this uncertain and insecure world.

Uncertainty leads us to fear, and fear to despair. So what are our typical fears?

One of the most popular fears these days is the fear of making a mistake and eventually of failure. We are afraid of the decisions we make. And it is quite logical since we do not know nor control the future. We do not know where our decisions will lead us. Was it a good one or a bad one? Time will tell.

To live in fear is to decide in fear. Typically that is deciding not to do anything. Fear cripples. 

But our fears can be overcome, even amidst uncertain times. We overcome it not by making certain that we are in total control of reality, which is a rarity in itself, but by trusting the One who can make straight with crooked lines.

God is all powerful that He can draw good out of anything, even in our mistakes and failures. If we live our life in God for God, who is against us? Our failures? Jesus have conquered the world, sin and death. Can He not conquer our failures? Can He not draw good out of them? The Crucifixion which looked like an apparent failure to the eyes of the world was the greatest victory. By His death He gave us Life. It was the great divine Judo reversal.

If we start defining our life as a life of fruitfulness and not of worldly selfish ambitions, then as long as any good comes out of our life we shall find peace. A peace that comes from knowing our life meant something good. We might not be where we want to be, but if our life is bringing some good to others, I believe that is enough. We find peace in contentment. It is a contentment that is not based on how much money we have in the bank, but because we have cooperated with God to bring love to others.

We can find peace in Jesus, even if we don’t know where we are going. We are at peace because we know that He can bring out good to our every action, even our mistakes. There is no mistake nor failure to big that Jesus cannot bail us out. The only definitive failure is our failure to love God.

Jesus is always with us, even in our darkest times. He will not abandon us. He can redeem even our worst mistakes and make it to something beautiful. There is always hope in the Lord. And that is where our peace comes from. 

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