10 Best Crystals for Long Distance Relationships

Sometimes relationships can get difficult when two people can’t stay as close as they desire to be. Being physically present with your partner is essential, but when it is not possible you can use the help of crystals for long distance relationships. It will help to rebuild the bond and strengthen the love between you two, which got weaker for a persistent physical separation.

Issues that occur due to distance can be solved by Rose Quartz, Garnet and Sodalite crystals. These are one of the most finest and effective stones that have the ability to bond very well with our bodies. Both of these energy fields attract each other, and create psychological changes that are essential to keep a relationship healthy, even from afar.   

However, it is saddening to see people believe these processes don’t work, as there is no scientific value to it. To be honest, whether crystals work or not, it solely depends on how receptive you are towards it. So, in this article, there are more lists of crystals and compelling combinations, which will help you to achieve your goals.

5 Ultimate Love Crystals and Their Purposes

There is no magical spell for love when it comes to real life. However, you cannot deny the presence of energy and vibration present in the universe. These are far-fetched for human beings to feel without help. Hence, in this case, crystals come in handy. It works in various ways such as- love, bond, marriage, luck, happiness and so much more than you can think of.

To be clear, crystals will not directly help you in achieving things if you don’t do it yourself. All it will do is, open your heart for more acceptance and love. It will keep your relationships strong despite you being miles away from your partner. So, let’s get into the list for the best crystals for long distance relationships and their way of helping your path.

1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the one that sings the songs of universal love! It’s also known as the “Heart Stone” representing the love of every kind starting from self-love to friendships to relationships. So if you are having a rough patch with your partner, then invest in a Rose Quartz. This is perfect as it promotes a soft way to reconnect your heart’s chakra in the right direction.

The right way to use it, is to lay it on your chest. This way all the sorrows and hurts of your heart will come to the surface of your chest and heal. You can make a rose quartz necklace or bracelet for it to touch your skin. The loving and nurturing energy of this crystal will bring you calming vibrations of peacefulness.

2. Malachite

This deep green crystal is best for when you face trust issues with your partner. It helps to absorb negative emotions to clear your heart from the mistrusts and pollution from your environment. At the same time, it will balance your expectations by bringing positive energy. This crystal is perfect for long distance relationships because it helps promote mutual bonds.

Just like Rose Quartz, you can wear Malachite as a bracelet and pendant. Although, you can also keep it under your pillow to feel secure and at peace at nights. It will help in energizing you for the next day, and prepare your head for expecting positive things from your partner. It will help to protect your heart Chakra.

3. Garnet

This gorgeous red stone simulates better commitments in long distance relationships. If you are looking for more devotion from you and your partner’s heart, then this is the stone for you. As these relationships are more difficult than normal relationships, holding onto them is also hard. Hence, using Garnet will prevent you from the fear of losing your loved one.

The name Garnet was derived from the Latin name Granatum- which means pomegranate. The crystal does resemble the fruit’s beautiful red seeds. It is known to cure depression and bad dreams if placed under a pillow. Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras also get in sync, when they are associated with this precious crystal.

4. Sodalite

Jealousy is a sign of healthy relationships. However, when that jealousy is not addressed and solved by talking, problems may appear regularly. All the long distance relationship couples have this one consistent complaint that their partners fail to communicate with them rationally. Hence, Sodalite crystal can take that place as it will simulate truthful logical thinking.

This azure-indigo stone would enhance one’s ability to understand concepts of intelligence by providing more concentration in the head. Again, clarity of thought is very essential when someone is in a relationship they want to keep forever. So this crystal will produce the energy that is needed to work towards developing a non-toxic relationship with your significant other.

5. Lapis Lazuli

This crystal is closely linked with one’s mental awareness and physical wellbeing. It is quite pricey than the other stones because of its ancient history. It is said to be linked with several periods and space that are linked with Chinese, Portuguese, and Greek civilization. It has the properties of indigo crystals and is powered by solar energy to balance your Third Eye chakra.

In fact, this stone is also known as the ‘wisdom keeper’ as the possessor of this stone will be gifted with the ability to reconnect with their authentic self and others. So, for this reason, this tone is perfect for long distance relationships. Love begins at home, so if you love yourself enough, only then you will be able to reciprocate that love for your partner accurately.

5 Crystal Combinations That Work Well

Sometimes a combination of two crystals can work better, as one crystal might not fulfill your intentions. When choosing a combination or duo, one has to be extra careful because it will make you overwhelmed with so many things to keep in mind. Also, it is important to remember that combinations can also go wrong if they are not put together carefully.

Below there is a list of combinations that would make your life and relationships better by providing balance, peace, and harmony. You can practice pairing two to three crystals along with making sure they go together by balancing out their energy compounds. You can try making charts for your crystals with their purposes, and mix them for your needs.

1. Moonstone & Selenite

You can see, both these stones are related to the moon and for that, it’s known as lunar crystals. Both of these will generate soft Yin Energy that will booth prosperity, love, and sacrifice for needed aspects of life. A sense of peacefulness and serenity will be a persistent feeling in your heart if you keep these two stones together in your home.

The best time for these crystals to ponder when there is a full moon. Take this chance to recharge it by keeping it in the open air, under the moonlight for 4+ hours. The healing energy of the moon will infuse in the crystals and they would create more beautiful vibrations for harmony and friendship between two people.

2. Carnelian & Rhodochrosite

This is one of the prime combinations for when you feel you have either lost connection with yourself or your loved ones. As many couples complain that long distance makes them feel like they are not emotionally connected enough. So, this pairing of crystals can help them to remove the obstacles that are creating this problem between them.

Carnelian helps the user by broadening their passion and zest for life. In addition to that, it opens up new portals of love in their hearts. On the other side, Rhodochrosite lets them be more vulnerable and accepting of the love that comes their way. So, if you do the math here, it is one of the best combinations for lovers who are hurt and want to regain their love back.

3. Citrine & Aventurine

This powerful combination will keep your feet on the ground by reminding you about your roots. In relationships where there is separation, it’s normal to feel free to do whatever one wants, because their partners aren’t there to check. This attitude is harmful for both the person in relationships. The importance of ground rules and faithfulness is immense for couples.

This crystal duo will improve your wisdom and moral compass. Understanding each other’s potentials and value will boost up if both the parties wear these crystals either as bracelets or necklaces. Other than the crystals working, seeing in on your neck or hands, will also be a constant reminder that you are in a loving relationship. So you will maintain your grounds.

4. Clear Quartz & Hematite

Clear quartz is an almost white-transparent healing crystal, and Hematite, on the other hand, is black, due to its iron oxide compounds. These two together help balance the good and bad in life. Like any other crystals, you can wear them or meditate with them to regain your calm and energy from the deepest root of the earth.

Relationships are not always sunshine and daisies. There will be days when you and your partner would feel out of sync. On those days, remind yourself that both the good and the bad makes up life. Zen and Yin meditation on those days would make you feel more balanced and relaxed about the bad parts of your life.

5. Ruby & Pink Tourmaline

This deep gorgeous red and cotton candy pink combo is great for any problems related to love and relationships. Ruby’s vibrations will remind you that there is no greater love than self-love. It will prevent you from being a shadow figure in your relationships if you tend to get lost in love. Sensuality and fruitfulness would surround your energy; and your life would feel more anchored.

Tourmaline on the other hand is the best for wounded hearts to feel secure. It will provide you a sense of safety and calmness. So the combinations of these beautiful stones will surely provide long distance relationships, the compassion, and empathy one lacks for their partner for being apart from each other constantly.

Crystals That Don’t Work Together

Honestly speaking, all crystals can work together, if you understand your intentions with it. However, if you put together crystals that have opposite purposes from each other, then it might not work or can even misfire. One example can be the combination of Carnelian and Selenite. These two have opposite effects when it comes to benefit you.

The first one would give you massive strength and passion physically and mentally. On the other hand, the second one would provide you with undisturbed peace of mind or as we call it “Zen”. Hence, the opposite attributes from these crystals would somewhat cancel each other out. It will eventually leave you overwhelmed and exhausted.

Hence, keep this in mind when you are combining crystals and stones for specific purposes. Take help from your friends who are also a believer of vibrations and energy of earth and stones. Make a chart and take some time before combining two opposite portals of energy sources. Proper research before combining crystals is highly recommended for good results.

Set Your Intentions

This is one of the most overlooked steps after purchasing crystals. A lot of people don’t know that they have to activate their crystals for them to work. However, before that, they have to set their intentions. Crystals will not have any effect if you don’t have clear intentions. It may work but would seem vague to you because you haven’t fully grasped what needs to be fixed.

To set your intentions at first decide what matters to you the most. Then, put your morals in between them to see if it matches your purpose. Next, explore where you want upgrades in your life and submit your energy in that space to notify your heart and brain to follow your energy. Your energy level during this process will determine the effects of the crystals. 

Activation Process of Crystals

After you have set your intention, you can move on to the most crucial step for your crystals to work- The activation process of crystals. It can be done in many ways but the list below covers the easiest and universal rules to tell your crystals what you want from them. The process starts with cleansing your crystals. Later, you follow either one of these steps mentioned below.

  • Sun / Moon Bathing – Keep your crystals under the sun or full moon for at least  4 hours. It will get recharged from the energies and vibrations from them.
  • Burying – Bury your crystals in your backyard or anywhere there is uninterrupted ground. It will help them to soak the energies from our loving mother Earth.
  • Sage Smoke – Light up a sage and put the smoke in front of your crystals for them to infuse it with this holy way of purification.
  • Selenite Plate – Place your crystals on a selenite plate or bowl for them to release the stuck negative energy from them. It will cleanse their inner spiritual parts.

By doing these, you will have energy-infused and clean crystals to start your work with. This is the time where you either make your crystals as bracelets, necklaces or keep them in your room for them to work. It is completely safe to keep crystals in your bags and take them with you anywhere you go. It will additionally boost your confidence and make you feel more secure.

What Are Soulmate Crystals? And Why You Should Be Careful Using Them?

Soulmate crystals and twin souls are often interchangeable as both these crystals hold the same energy. It is essential because two crystals of the same size grow together side by side. It is mostly attached, hence the name originated primarily. It is believed that these soulmate crystals help people to find their soulmates or keep their relationships intact.

It will boost your desires to be together forever with your partner by making your bond inseparable- exactly how the crystals are. However, like any other stone, it will work only as a guide. You have to be more aware on your own about your intentions with it, and your relationship for the crystal to assist you to the right path.

Any crystal can be a soulmate crystal, depending on how they are formed and the type of their energy towards love and relationships. So choose wisely when you invest in these twin crystals as it can easily backfire. Before purchasing and using it, be sure that you really do want your partner to stick around forever. Otherwise, it might cause you more misfortune than benefits.


Whether you were in a bad romance in your long distance relationships, or losing touch with yourself, hope these crystals for long distance relationships have helped you. Acceptance and allowance of energy to enter your life will determine how much crystals would help with your problems. So, believe in positivity and create new ways to stay healthy always!

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