12 Things Guys Want To Hear From Their Girlfriend (Understanding Men)

Truthfully, men have the same needs as women and like to hear kind words from their girlfriends. Men tend to cover up their feelings more than ladies and like to act tough, but a few kind words from the woman that they love can reduce them to a pile of mush!

There are 12 things that guys want to hear from their girlfriends.

  1. I love You
  2. I appreciate you
  3. Thank you
  4. I understand
  5. I need you
  6. You make me laugh
  7. I feel safe when I’m with you
  8. I will follow you
  9. I believe in you
  10. I am proud of you
  11. You look good today
  12. You are beautiful

Being involved in a relationship means being kind and considerate to your partner and enjoying life together. There are times when this means being big and loud and enjoying adventures together, but other times are meant to quiet and intimate with the two of you enjoying each other’s company. Whether you are out and about with a group of friends or having a romantic moment at home, there are things that guys want to hear from their girlfriends. Sometimes, a small gesture or word can make their day!

12 Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Make Him Happy

Most men enjoy acting tough and often hide behind a shield of preconceived ideas of how a man should act and react in situations. While men are different from women, there are some things that men would love to hear from the lady in their life.

We all love to hear how great we are and how much our partner loves us. There are a few things that a man can listen to which mean just as much or even more to him than if they were told to a woman.

These are the things that guys want to hear from their girlfriends!

  1. I love you. The three little words that we all want to hear. Men are no exception!
  2. I appreciate everything you do for me. Tell him that you appreciate him for the things that he does for you. Appreciate him for who he is as a kind, generous person.
  3. Thank you for everything that you always do for me. Men love to be needed and to feel useful, so by thanking him for what he does, you will boost his self-esteem.
  4. I understand. Sometimes all he needs is your support.
  5. I need you. This will build his self-confidence and reinforce the fact that he is a worthy partner for you.
  6. You make me laugh; you are the funniest man I know. Humor is a great way to build a loving relationship. He will take the time to make you smile and have fun with you.
  7. I feel safe and secure when I’m with you. Men are hard-wired to be the protector. You will get more cuddles if he thinks that he is protecting you from anything!
  8. I will follow you anywhere, even to the ends of the earth! Let him know that he is the only one for you and that you love spending time with him.
  9. I believe in you. Some men suffer from a lack of confidence, so you can encourage and build them up every day. Watch him change before your eyes into a confident man!
  10. I am proud of you. Tell him this every day, and he will always try to be a man you can be proud of.
  11. You look good today. This is the man that you fell in love with, so remind him how handsome you think he is.
  12. You are so beautiful; you turn me on! He needs to know that he is attractive to you and that you can’t wait to be intimate with him.

Things You Shouldn’t Say To Any Guy

Sometimes a man’s ego can be pretty fragile, and if you say the wrong thing at the wrong time, he can be incredibly hurt. Words are potent, so be careful what you say to him, especially in the middle of an argument. Men like to think that they are indestructible, but words can make them upset too.

Here are a few things that you should never say to a man.

  • Nothing’s wrong; everything’s fine. Don’t say it unless you mean it. He is not an idiot, but he cannot read your mind, so if there is a problem, tell him so that you can both get over it and move on.
  • My ex would never treat me like that! Or, you are just like my ex! Never, never, never compare him to your ex! Under no circumstances, ever!
  • You are an idiot; what’s wrong with you! Conflict is never good, especially if you are out in public with a group of friends. Instead, hold in your anger and deal with it in person and in private. Hopefully, you will have calmed down enough to discuss the issue by then rather than attack him.
  • You look so cute. This is an absolute no-no for any man. They want to be macho, not cute, and sweep you off your feet!
  • I have trained you well! This could backfire on you and insinuate that you are manipulative and be a blow to his confidence.
  • Which outfit do you like on me? Men don’t notice these things! They will try and answer the way you want them to, but it could start an argument if he gets it wrong. Don’t put him in that situation.
  • I’m so much stronger than you. Men like to think that they are “in charge” even if they are not. Allow him to feel that he is looking after you.
  • You are such a Mamma’s boy! Don’t contradict his mother or even mention her, even if they are not close. He may have been raised with different values to you, so try and get your point across in a different way.
  • Can I help you shop? No, if he wants your help, he will definitely ask for it. You cannot get him to dress the way you want him to, so accept him the way he is.
  • Man up, why don’t you! Don’t attack his masculinity because you are angry at him. Support him and be kind!
  • Your friend is sexy. This can make him really insecure even if you know that you are only window shopping. Save the comments and think how you would feel if he said the same thing about one of your friends.
  • That’s nice. If your man makes an effort and goes out of his way to do something special for you and, even if you are not too impressed, make a fuss over him and don’t just say, “that’s nice.” He expects so much more. Put yourself in his shoes and boost his ego.
  • Can we just be friends! This is the universal code for “it’s over.” If you are breaking up with him, make it a clean break and do it quickly. You cannot string him along until you find someone better.
  • You are such a failure; accept it! If he fails at something, don’t throw it in his face, Rather give him some encouragement and a shoulder to cry on.

What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is Not Happy About Something You Said

You might have said something on purpose to your boyfriend, knowing that you would upset him. You may have felt justified in saying what you did because he did something to hurt you, and now you are paying him back.

But what if he didn’t realize that he had hurt you and what you have said to him has hurt him terribly, so much more than how your feelings were hurt. You cannot take back the words you said to him, but can you ask forgiveness. Will he forgive you?

Try these steps to get him to forgive you and to earn back his trust.

  1. Tell the truth. Explain to him why you said what you did.
  2. Own up, take responsibility, and don’t blame him for anything.
  3. Give him time to vent, as much time as he needs.
  4. Make the time to listen to him.
  5. Tell him how sorry you are.
  6. Be patient and take things slow; you will have to rebuild the trust between you.
  7. Be gentle with him; show him that you care.
  8. Make eye contact with him and show him how important he is to you.


Words can break a relationship when they are said in anger or if they are untrue. Statements made to hurt your boyfriend can irreparably damage your relationship, so stop and think before saying anything nasty to him.

By saying nice things to your boyfriend and building him up, you can have a long-lasting, satisfying relationship. As his girlfriend, you should love and cherish him and always make him feel good about himself.

Relationships do go through trying times, but what you say can make or break your relationship during those moments.

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