13 Simple Things to Be Successful with Women

Women have long since been labeled as the 8th wonder. The more mysterious gender which is a bit more difficult to comprehend and analyze. The joke has gone so far that they even have books published on how to be successful with women. 

The trick to a woman’s heart is to dress well, be well mannered, and learn a bit about their psychology. Knowing how women think and what they want from a man will definitely give you an advantage on scoring a date.  

For my fellow men who are actually struggling in this department, this article is for you. But let me warn you. You cannot expect to be successful with women in the blink of an eye. You need patience and a high level of endurance. It won’t be easy but you’ll get there eventually. So, let’s have a look at some of the ways you can be successful with women.

13 Tips on Being Successful with Women

1. It’s All About Getting to Know Them

Women love charming men with a good sense of humor. We’ll get to the humor portion later so let’s look at the ways you can be a charming man to the women around you.

While we jump into the more crucial aspects, it’s better to have the basics covered. Whenever you’re around women, it’s normal for a male to get nervous.

So the first thing you should be doing is trying to get more comfortable around women. This might take some time but it’ll be worth the effort. The initial bit would be to go out and try to meet more women. The greater number of females you interact with, the lesser chances of you finding them more intimidating.

Once you get to know a handful of females, you’ll understand that they’re just normal human beings with hopes and dreams. Not even that different from you.

2. You Might Need An Upgrade

It’s very important to take care of oneself and not just because of women but for yourself as well. Your exterior reflects your interior. So you should always dress in a way that makes you look approachable. It might sound superficial but it’ll surely increase your chances with women.

If you don’t take care of yourself and dress sloppily, you’ll end up giving them an assumption that you don’t look after yourself properly.

This will limit your chances of getting to know women as they will be less inclined to get to know someone who doesn’t even have the decency to clean themselves up properly.

So go ahead and put on that nice suit that’ll reflect your high self-esteem. By doing that, not only will you feel good but others around you, especially women will be keen to know you.

3. Manners and Etiquettes

Ladies love a bloke with good manners. If you’re looking for ways to charm them on day one, having good manners will surely get you some pointers.

It’s not that difficult. Respecting their views, helping them with their work, and just being kind and considerate are just some of the many ways you can show women that you have great manners and you care.

The opposite will most likely ward off any women who come even 2 meters close to your radius.

4. Try To Find A Common Ground

It’s important to state your opinion and stay true to it but that is not always the case. Sometimes, it’s important to ease up a bit and understand the situation in a clear manner.

This is particularly true when you’re trying to impress women. There will be disagreements and you’ll want to walk out of many such situations. Instead of adding fuel to the fire, you could take a more healthy approach.

You don’t have to change your opinion according to their standards but you can look for common grounds. Just try to think or identify the things that you do agree on. In that way, you’ll be able to interact with more women without wanting to burn the whole place down.

5. Make Them Feel Special

You wouldn’t find anyone on this planet who doesn’t like to feel special. And when it comes to women, they love it!

Whether it’s buying them flowers or taking them out to eat, they’ll be more comfortable opening up to you if you manage to make them feel like they’re amazing. It doesn’t even have to be the stereotypical events that we see in movies. Just take them out to do whatever they like.

In this way, you’ll be able to get to know them better and they’ll understand that they can feel at ease whenever they’re around you. It’s a simple step taken for greater results.

6. Make Them Laugh

There’s nothing better than a good sense of humor. The right kind of course. Whenever you’re around a group of people and some of them happen to be women, you can start by cracking a good funny joke. If you’re able to make them laugh, you’ll be more likable.

Humor has always been the greatest ice-breakers and once you’re able to present yourself in a more positive light, you won’t have a problem getting those numbers.

But humor can be used in many different ways and it can sound very distasteful at times if not said properly. Just make sure you don’t sound offensive with your jokes.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Appear Soft

Men find it difficult to show their soft side to women thinking that they will be perceived as weak or even inferior. But it’s actually the opposite. If women see that you’re opening up to them and sharing your vulnerable side and letting them know your thoughts and fears, they will find that more heart-warming and realize that they will be able to open up to you as well.

It always goes both ways so don’t be afraid to show them your vulnerability as it will help them to show you their vulnerable side as well.

8. Confidence Is Key

If you’re suffering from low levels of confidence, chances are that you find it difficult to go out in public and meet new people. This will build a bridge between you and being successful with women.

Before trying to appear confident in front of others, you need to appear confident in front of yourself. Self-love and appreciation go hand in hand.

If you have a problem being more confident, just try writing a few things that you love about yourself.

Even if they’re small in number, you’ll surely find it reassuring in knowing that there are things that you love about yourself.

13 Simple Things to Be Successful with Women

9. Give Out Compliments

Giving out compliments that are not too intimate is a sure-fire way to make someone feel better about themselves. Whenever you are around a woman, you can make them feel good by complimenting their smile or even their taste in music.

Let’s say you want to take this girl out to dinner and she chooses the restaurant. If the food there is delicious and the interior looks marvelous, you can right-away tell her that she has a great taste in designs.

It’s a great thing to compliment others to make them feel better about themselves. And in return, they’ll compliment you and boost your self-esteem as well.

10. Make Them Feel That You Are Trustworthy

Don’t make it seem like you’re trying to pry into their personal matters if you want them to find you trustworthy. Just like allowing them to open up to you, make them feel comfortable by being there when they need you.

Always keep your word and make sure to let them know the reason when you can’t. It’s better to be transparent if you’re in it for the long run.

And once they realize that you are to be trusted, they will feel more secure around you and let you know the things that are making them feel uneasy. That is when you stop talking and listen carefully.

11. Listening

Once you’ve gained their trust, they’ll finally be willing to open up to you about their biggest insecurities. You will lend them an ear and listen to their tales and make them feel safe. Try to listen to all of what she’s trying to say and nod in between to reassure her that you’re still following her words.

Once she’s done speaking, you can repeat bits of what she said so that she knows that you were listening. Don’t offer any advice unless she asks. Ask her questions if there’s anything you want to know regarding her story.

While you’re listening, be sure to not look at your phone or do anything else. Mute your tv or take our your earphones if you haven’t already. Your first priority should be to listen to her.

12. Own Up To Your Mistakes

Just as she won’t always be right, you need to realize that you will not always be right either. So whenever you get in an argument where you’re clearly mistaken, own up to it instead of ignoring it.

You might get the urge to walk out or defend yourself but the best things to do would be to apologize right at that moment. And once you do apologize you should assure her that it will not happen again.

There are many ways to issue an apology such as telling her that you will not make the same mistake twice. You can ask for forgiveness or ask her how you can make it up to her. She’s more likely to tell you that you don’t need to do anything but if you know a way to make it up to her, you should go ahead and give that a try.

This is very important if you want the relationship to last in the long term.

13. Go On Exciting Dates

While it’s always a good idea to stick to the basics and plan a more stereotypical route, It doesn’t hurt to light things up a bit.

Of course, you’ll go on romantic dates, and candlelight dinners but after a while, these might not feel as exciting as before. But by that time, you’ll get to know each other more and find more common ground.

And once you’ve found more mutual interests, you can go on trips and do activities that will be entertaining for both of you.

If you two have the same preference in the music genre, you can go take her out to a concert where both of your favorite bands will be performing. It’s always a great idea to do things that both of you will love.

Even if all these methods fall short, you can always go ahead and check up on countless books that help young men to succeed with women.

Some of these books might be outdated and some might even sound offensive but you just need to get the gist of it. Just make it your own and follow your heart and be confident.

And if you have trouble looking up these books, you can always pick some from the following list:

  • “Conversation Casanova” by Dave Perrotta
  • “The Game” by Neil Strauss
  • “Models” by Mark Mason
  • “Test Appeal” by Michael Masters

What Is Real Success with Women?

When you’re thinking of being successful with women, your initial thoughts should not have anything to do with relationships. That comes later while this is a broader aspect of the whole situation.

When you think of real success with women, it’s mostly about knowing what they want and being comfortable around them. If you can make yourself appear calm and collected, you’ll be able to get along with almost any woman.

This in turn increases your chance of being able to woo the woman you like.

The Most Important Thing To Focus On

The most important thing to focus on would be your self-esteem. If you tend to sell yourself short, others will gladly get on that train and repeat the same thing.

If you want respect from others and be successful with women, you need to respect yourself more. There are various ways in which you can pull this off.

Starting from your clothes to the way you walk and talk says a lot about you as a person. And if you manage to portray that to the people around you, you’ll be able to get the attention of everyone, especially the ladies, which is your goal, to begin with.

It sounds a lot to handle but it’s not a lot to take given that you are willing to go the extra mile. Always remember to look after yourself and prepare for the worst-case scenario if it were to come.

How Long Does It Take To Become Successful With Women

You can’t possibly put a time-stamp on something that mostly depends on you. If you play your cards right, it could happen in the blink of an eye.

On that note, it should also be taken into consideration that you might not be successful on the first try and it might take weeks or even months and years until you get the hang of it.

Just move at your own pace and let Mother Nature handle the rest of it. But don’t force yourself to do something you won’t find comfortable. Try-hard always have a harder time being successful with women anyway

Can You Get Any Woman You Want?

I think it would be better to understand this if you were to ask this question to yourself. Would you be willing to date every girl who wanted you? Answers the question right away, doesn’t it?

No matter how much effort you put into impressing people, there will always be a few who will want nothing to do with you. And the same goes for women.

There will always be people you will never get to impress no matter how much you try.

Be Prepared for A Potential Rejection

It’s always suggested that you plan ahead. Even in this case. Once you’re ready to go out of your way to impress that girl, it should be taken into consideration that things might not go your way.

Be bold, be brave but at the same time, be ready to take a no for an answer. That is the first thing that you should embrace yourself for.

It might seem rough at first but this is how the world works. Ye cannot expect someone to like you back just because you have fallen head over heels for them.

The rejection will not be easy and you will feel bad but it won’t be the end of the world. You’ll pick yourself up and move on.


Being successful in any field is never an easy job. Unless you put enough time and effort into it, you’ll most likely end up with underwhelming results. But if you have a clear track of what you want to accomplish, you’ll be able to move forward accordingly. And without even realizing, you’ll finally know how to be successful with women.

Hope you were able to enjoy the article and have a nice day!

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