2024, Part 2

5 on a Friday Whew

Just a little bit of New Year Energy . . .

I needed it, and I feel like I am getting it from July 1. Starting 2 new planners helps — one is just “book 2” of the Hobonichi Cousin Avec which comes in two volumes, but I also jumped into a weekly Erin Condren Life Planner that has been taunting me from my desk since I ordered it in April.

(HOW do I plan to use both, you ask? I am using the daily pages in the Avec for my daily plans, and doing all of my task management/calendaring in the EC. The weekly pages of the Avec I’m just filling in for fun with daily highlights and things, but I am not really using them for ‘planning’ proposes. The dailies take up most of the book though so that’s ok!)

((WHY did I feel the need for this? Straight up planner wanderlust, plus I felt like the 3-box vertical layout of the ECLP is helpful for separating calendar items from tasks from kid activities. I like it so far! Below is an old shot of a sample page I was playing with.))

5 on a Friday Whew

Anyway! I feel renewed energy with respect to my recent Reddit vow and other things too (strength training, nail care, decluttering, etc). I actually forgot that I quit Reddit on 6/15 – it feels more recent! But I have not touched it since that post despite really REALLY wanting to (esp on my call week). I would love for my lack of Reddit use to be so automatic that by next year I don’t even have to think about screen time. Pipe dream perhaps but . . .might as well aim high! Kae also posted about her big 7/1 goal – check out her post + cheer her on!!!

Days OFF

As I was filling out the calendar section of the ECLP (there’s a great small yearly spread that I love for tracking days off, vacations, etc) I realized that the back half of 2024 looks . . . really fun! I took very little time off over the first 6 months which is good because I needed to rebuild my vacation bank a bit. There was New Year’s Day (1), Recording Retreat w Laura (1), Spring break in Montana (3), Marathon + Memorial Day (2). 7 days total over the first 6 months of 2024, and I accrue ~3x that over the course of a year. Looking back on those 6 months, I think maybe 1-2 more would have been beneficial. However – I’m kind of excited to have a bit more leeway going forward!

I remember feeling like I used TOO many days over winter break last year, so I will try not to make that mistake again (maybe will do 1-2 less, though our nanny takes those weeks off so to some extent it’s a necessity!).

SO IN SUMMARY — I am excited for this back half of the year, and I am going to try to not be quite as stingy with myself with PTO for now. I just blocked a day OFF for A’s rescheduled wisdom teeth surgery. I am taking a day off after Taylor Swift in October (we’re going on a Sunday night!). I have a girls’ weekend (college friends) coming up in September. And, I submitted my 2025 days off with a good amount of buffer — it’s very easy to instantly fill a previously blocked day with patients, but it is HARD to take a day once patients have already been scheduled.

Summer Progress Report

So with all of this calendar chat, I think it’s worth talking about where we are in the summer!

School ended 6/5

School starts 8/12 (we have a sputtering start this year with two different school calendars and G but not C having “new level” orientation day at their school, but A has her first orientation day 8/12)

It is currently 7/2.

So we are not quite at the halfway point, but . . . wow, we are already close!

I have felt less of an abundance of time compared to what I was hoping for (shocker).

HOWEVER, I have felt that life has generally been more peaceful and just a bit easier, with later camp (vs school) start times, no homework, and way fewer activities. It has been so nice and I’ve appreciated the slower evenings a lot! Last night we all had dinner at 7ish and then watched You’re So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah (a bit TOOOO much cringe comedy for me, but also cute. ALSO made me super relieved that we are not doing bat/bar mitzvahs, we just don’t practice religion in that way and so this choice feels right for us. I never had one either, though Josh did).

It’s been nice to settle into calmer rhythms, and we have 2 trips coming up that should be a lot of fun. The big kids will head to their Monday-Friday camp mid-July and G will enjoy the extra attention I am sure. I can tell it’s going to go sooooo so fast (I mean, it wasn’t even very long!). All that said, I would rate this summer so far pretty highly (would have been higher without A’s pneumonia, but she’s doing great now so it all worked out).

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