5 on a Friday: Attention, Clutter, Books, Etc

5 on a Friday Attention Clutter Books Etc

1- One of my current favorite topics seems to be back in my podcast feed: ATTENTION. Very interesting Ezra Klein ep today entitled “Your Mind is Being Fracked.” Dramatic — yes. But interesting too.

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2- Admittedly lately I have been vacillating regarding my own thoughts on the attention economy and Reddit in particular (still have no desire to touch Insta, FB, TikTok, etc). This week was filled with dance rehearsals (the show is on Saturday and both A & G are in two dances) and thus I was faced with a lot of chopped up time stuck in my car, sometimes with one kid with me and sometimes alone. Of course there was some chatting, and one day I did bring a book (I think that was the day I finished Piglet). But yesterday I just scrolled (intentionally! just kind of decided this was how I was going to pass the time), and I brought an iPad for G to scroll too from ~6:30 – 7:40 pm while A had her rehearsal (G’s was 4:30 – 6:20 and the venue was 20 min away so we were basically stuck there).

I am great at tuning out my surroundings but even I cannot seem to muster up much productive or creative energy in a parking lot. I pay a lot of attention to my screen time and it honestly DOES pain me to see ~4 hrs lost to my rectangular device but WOW – those bits of time are TOUGH. Maybe I should work on caring less . . .and then I hear podcast eps like the one above and feel kind of disappointed in myself.

5 on a Friday Attention Clutter Books Etc

3- I am reading this book and it is definitely lighting a decluttering fire. On the one hand, I feel very grateful that my house does not seem to be anything close to her pre-decluttering situation. On the other, I see the value in some of the gentler approaches she has, such as starting with visible clutter and NOT making big piles leading to the horrible feeling when you get stuck mid-declutter session and run out of steam to find a mess bigger than the one you started with. I notice that I often get stuck in all-or-nothing thinking around clutter, noticing all of the stuff that is NOT MINE and then feeling hopeless that if I can’t declutter everything then why even start, but I think I have to embrace the idea that just starting with small areas of stuff and sticking to things that are mine will still be worthwhile and maybe will start some overall momentum.

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4- I just started this book — maybe not your TYPICAL summer reading pick, but I feel like I’m so overdue to read this! Does the qualify as a ‘cozy mystery’?

5 on a Friday Attention Clutter Books Etc

5- Weekend outlook! This will be the first Saturday in quite some time not to start off with double digit run (though I have started to do some easy shorter runs per my coach’s plan and am feeling good!). I plan to enjoy the extra rest, and then focus on the girls’ dance performance! I feel super lucky they both ended up in the same show (there are matinee + evening performances with multiple age groups in each, but “Mini” and “Preteen” ended up together. YESSS). IF I am permitted I will share some dance pix to come!

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