5 on a Friday: Mostly Positive Edition

5 on a Friday Mostly Positive Edition

1- A continues to improve! (PS, how wild is it that Elisabeth’s A seems to have had the same thing at the same time!?). Now just hoping no one else in the family gets it!

2- Not going to lie, I didn’t watch the debate last night. On call with a sick kid I was not in a space to handle it, so instead I went to bed. But I did listen to this discussion on my run this morning and then laugh/cried reading this. WOW.

5 on a Friday Mostly Positive Edition

3- If you’re looking for some more peaceful content . . .Christine Koh had me on Edit Your Life this week! We had a really fun conversation about routines. Christine is generally just an awesome lovely person and it was very easy to talk to her.

4- Excited for more track this weekend – lots of exciting finals coming up!! You can find the schedule here (we’ve been watching via Peacock – we are 3 hours later than the times shown).

5- Loved the GND episode on Evenings! I loved the incredibly different routines Kelsey and Erica have, and also that Kelsey’s husband’s habits make me look like a night owl (yes really). Super fascinating to see how others spend their evening hours!

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BONUS #6 — I made it through a super stressful week without Reddit!!! And yes, I very much WANTED to. But I didn’t. Celebrating by . . . well, not by going on Reddit. I continue to be happy with this decision.

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