5 on Friday: Random Fun Stuff Edition

5 on Friday Random Fun Stuff Edition

1- Very interesting episode of 10% Happier on GLP-1 agonists with (sometimes controversial) author Johann Hari:

I wasn’t surprised by much in this episode, but I appreciated his honesty and vulnerability. Definitely worth a listen.

2- Olympic Trials!!! I’m super excited for the Olympics this summer (July 26 – Aug 11), but definitely plan on catching some Trials competitions too, specifically in track (starts 6/21) and gymnastics (starts 6/27)! I feel like this is the first round of the Summer Olympics that I will be able to focus on without really little kids making it hard to watch as a family. I guess a lot changes in 3-4 years!

A is especially excited to watch gymnastics with me this time around for obvious reasons. I am psyched!!!!

3- Currently reading: Not going to lie — I bought The Sicilian Inheritance in part to get free access to Jo Piazza’s substack (which is funny, because I am not really a substack person. I have hers and Laura’s and that’s it!). I guess it was a smart marketing plan. I’m just over halfway and it’s a fun ride, in part because the sense of place (Sicily, obvs) is so strong.

5 on Friday Random Fun Stuff Edition

4- PLANNER THINGS! Ashley Shelly is selling all of her 2024 planners for $10 if you want to try them out, and Cloth & Paper just released their 2025 (!) inserts!

I plan to continue using my C&P as a catchall goal planner of sorts, so I don’t need regular weekly inserts but I definitely want some annual planning pages and other things.

5- Are anyone else’s tweens obsessed with Sabrina Carpenter all of the sudden? Not going to lie, that “Espresso” songs is insanely catchy. And now it’s in my head again . . .

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