5 Reasons You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

It’s only natural to dream about our lives and ambitions. Sometimes we dream extravagantly, and other times we can only manage a very small dream aimed at getting us through the next few days. For some of us, dreams carry us through the hard times with the promise of a better future. Others give up when they face the first hurdle and stop dreaming.

Achieving your dreams is all about commitment and persistence. Our top five reasons explain why you should never give up on your dreams for a happy life.

  1. You are not a failure
  2. Life will get better
  3. Be committed to your dream
  4. It’s all about the journey
  5. Celebrate success along the way

Giving up on your dream is difficult, but what if you don’t have to give up your dream and instead only have to change direction to achieve your goal? Learning how to deal with crossroads will ultimately allow you to achieve your dreams or lead you closer to your end goal. Achieving your dream can happen with a bit of determination as long as you don’t give up!

Why You Should Never Give Up

Many people feel that if they give up on their dreams, they are instant failures and will never achieve anything they set out to accomplish. But, on the contrary, having dreams and setting goals helps us succeed in life, even if the end result is different from what we had initially planned.

Read through our 5 points for some inspiration on not ever giving up on your dreams!

1. You Are Not A Failure

The first thing that happens to each of us when we don’t achieve what we set out to do in the time we have allocated to do it is that we consider ourselves failures! However, you are not a failure because, somehow, your life took an unexpected turn along the way.

A positive attitude will keep you going along your journey when things don’t happen the way you planned them. So, whether you completely blew it or are simply struggling with your dream, don’t give up; instead, refocus and carry on. You may have to re-think how to get to where you are going, but you can with a new plan.

For inspiration, do some research on celebrities and read their life stories. Many failed in their chosen careers and had to switch directions before achieving their dreams and goals. Be inspired by a colleague, a teacher, or even a good friend who has overcome adversity.

2. Life Will Get Better

The situation that you are in at the moment will not last. The difficulties will pass, and your life will get better. Keep on going, and remember to work on your goals as much as you can. Sometimes you may have to change your deadlines because of interruptions or a change in your path, but keep the end goal in mind and always work towards it.

3. Be Committed To Your Dream

For you to achieve your dream, you need to be committed, persistent, and motivated. Dreams require attention and commitment, so the only way to reach them is by constantly working towards the goal, even when times are tough or when the goal seems to be moving further away.

Anticipate road bumps and distractions, and if you can, plan for them. Deal with the more minor distractions quickly and focus on what will get you to your end goal and dream.

4. It’s All About The Journey

Yes, we have heard this one before, but if you do need any words of wisdom to motivate you on your journey, then these are the words that you should repeat to yourself daily! Achieving the dreams and reaching the destination is the end goal, but how you get there is just as important!

Why not start a journal and record your journey so that you don’t forget anything you have learned along the way? In addition, it will motivate you on the days when you feel that you cannot go on anymore ad are ready to give up on pursuing the dream.

5. Celebrate Your Success Along The Way

This is a great way to stop and take stock of where you started and how far you have come along your journey since then. Celebrate each success no matter how small and recognize them as stepping-stones towards your dream. Small victories will help you to keep going and not give up on your dream.

What Happens When You Give Up On Your Dreams?

People give up on their dreams for various reasons, but generally, the reasons are:

  • It’s too hard to reach the dream
  • We don’t think we are good enough
  • Others don’t have faith in us or our dream
  • We can’t make it happen
  • We give up and stop believing in ourselves

If you can honestly say that you have no further interest in your dream and the purpose and passion you once felt has disappeared, then perhaps it’s time for you to give up on this particular dream and start planning another one.

So many people will feel great sadness and a sense of loss when giving up a dream they were once passionate about, and that’s ok! The only way to get over a dream which you have lost is to grieve, remember what you once held so dear to your heart, and move on.

Closing an old chapter in your life, no matter how much you planned and longed for the dream, and starting a new one is the only way to move on from a dream not achieved. So, once you have made the decision, embrace the change and look forward to the new chapter in your life!

Perhaps you should answer the following questions before you can truly lay the dream down:

  • Are you over the dream, or is it still alive in your heart?
  • Are you still committed to this dream enough to continue pursuing it?
  • Would your life be better if you gave up on this dream?

Before giving up the dream or perhaps moving on to a new one, search your heart and be sure that you are giving it up for the right reasons. Then, if you can, give the dream one last go and see if you can achieve what you set out to do – the dream may be around the corner, so don’t give up unless you are completely sure!

Is It Better To Dream Big Or Realistic?

The question here is, are you a dreamer or a realist? Dreams are part of who we are and often take us away from the mundane and ordinary in our lives. There are many excellent, positive attributes to being a dreamer, but others look at dreamers as loafers who will not accomplish anything.

The secret is to dream real dreams and set realistic goals. Your dreams are your own, and you are the only one who can achieve what you set out to do. As long as you have the means, time. And the energy to pursue your dreams, you should be able to. The realistic part is knowing how much time, money, and effort you can use to pursue your dream.

Waiting for your dream to happen should not be an option for you. You have to pursue and provide for your dream yourself, so you might have to, on occasion, change your goals according to your current situation.

Being a realist will help you keep on track while pursuing your dreams. Setting goals and celebrating milestones are all part of the process of achieving your dreams.


Our dreams can keep us alive and pushing on through hard times. Achieving your dreams is possible with the right attitude.  We don’t have to give up on our dreams when times get tough; instead, persevering will help us achieve our dreams.

Our dreams should make us excited by new possibilities! A chance to achieve anything that we want to! Before giving up on our dreams, we need to exhaust all possibilities before deciding to change direction.

Deliberately giving up on your dream without a very serious reason should never be an option! Dreams can be flexible. The route may change and become longer than you had initially anticipated, but it will be worth the journey!

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