6 Simple Tips To Be Relax After A Stressful Day

At the end of a long day, we all look forward to relaxing and taking it easy, especially if we have had to deal with more stress than usual! Stress impacts not only your day-to-day life but also your health! Your stress could rub off on your family members, making life more challenging at home!

Learn how to relax and de-stress after a busy day by following our six simple top tips.

  1. Indulge yourself with something special
  2. Take a soothing bubble bath
  3. Take a slow stroll around the neighborhood
  4. Unplug from social media
  5. Exercise and meditate
  6. Sleep well

Learning how to manage and deal with your stress is achievable if you set yourself some goals and stick to them. Managing your stress should help you in the workplace, allowing you to be calmer and less stressed when you get home. Buy a journal, set some goals, and find ways to manage your stress that work for you.

6 Top Tips To Relax After A Stressful Day

We each have our own ways to de-stress at the end of the day. It could be listening to soothing music on the commute home for some people, while for others, it could be a relaxing cool drink after dinner.

Read our top tips on how to relax after a stressful day and see how many appeal to you!

1. Indulge Yourself With Something Special

After the madness and business of the day, why not enjoy a little something that you like? Whether it’s a glass of wine, a whole slab of chocolate, or watching your favorite series, sit down and relax for a while.

Too often, we are too busy to even think about indulging ourselves during the day, but if you do get the chance at the end of the day, then do it!  Spend some time doing what you would like to do before going to bed and doing it all over again tomorrow.

Often, even a few minutes doing what you like is enough to calm down your thoughts and body and prepare you for tomorrow. Feeling the stresses of the day drain away allows you to look forward to a great night’s sleep and a better day tomorrow.

2. Take A Soothing Bubble Bath

The soothing sound of water running into a tub is an instant de-stressor at the end of a busy day! If you can, enjoy the entire bathing experience, from plugging in the plug, switching on the faucets, and pouring in the bubbles!

If you can switch off the leading lights and light a few candles, even better, unless you would like to read your favorite book in the bath!

Close your bathroom door and relax for a few minutes while breathing in the aromas of the soap, feeling the bubbles pop around your body. Allow your mind and your body to relax, close your eyes and breathe.

3. Go For A Slow Stroll Around The Neighborhood

This is an excellent way for the whole family to unwind. If you do have children, get out the prams and bicycles, put your walking shoes on and go for a walk.

Don’t rush; chat to your partner and laugh with your children. Not only will you all get some exercise, but hopefully, everyone will expend some energy and calm down quickly before the dinner and bedtime routine.

If you can manage a walk on your own, stop and smell the roses, chat to the neighbors and watch the sunset.

4. Unplug From Social Media

We all spend too much time on our devices. If you can, switch them off at least an hour before bedtime, or better still, make your bedroom a no-device zone!

5. Exercise And Meditate

Learn how to meditate. Taking a few quiet minutes for yourself is worth the effort. If you cannot join a gym, dance around your room, or stretch along to your favorite online exercise show.

6. Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep will take away today’s stresses and allow you to prepare for tomorrow. Ensure that you have finished your chores, not stay awake all night worrying about the tasks you did not complete.

Create a calm bedroom by installing soft lighting and soothing music to help you sleep.

How To Relax After A Tough Day

6 Simple Tips To Be Relax After A Stressful Day

You have made it through a tough day! You were late for a meeting; the boss piled extra work on you, your car broke down in the road, you were late collecting the kids from day-care.

Finally, dinner is over, and the kids are in bed! Now it’s your time to relax, but you feel so exhausted that all you want to do is sleep. Before getting into bed, why don’t you try and do something for yourself to help you relax before you do it all over again tomorrow! You deserve it!

  1. Listen to music. If you feel like rocking out, then go for it! If not, play something softer but allow it to lift your spirits.
  2. Drink herbal tea. No more coffee for today. Find an exotic-sounding tea at your local store to drink on occasions such as this. Put your feet up on the couch, tilt your head back, listen to your favorite music and sip your soothing tea!
  3. Watch your favorite movie. Your favorite movie can be anything that you want it to, from Star Wars to Footloose. The idea is to enjoy yourself your way! No explanation is necessary!
  4. Read a book, or listen to an audiobook if you can’t stay awake long enough to read, but book club is a few days away!
  5. Give yourself a massage. If you have someone around you who can do this for you, fantastic, but if not, there are a few ways to massage your head and neck that will soothe you.

How Do You Calm Down From Stressful Situations?

We are all faced with stressful situations at some point during our busy week. How do we calm ourselves down at that moment without completely losing it and making the problem worse?  Here is our list of tips to assist you when you need to take control of your emotions in a hurry:

  1. Call a friend. Have your Mom or best friend on speed dial and call when you need to.
  2. Breathe. If you can find a quiet, relaxing spot, sit down, breathe in and out slowly – feel the tension disappearing as you breathe!
  3. Relax your muscles. Tensing your muscles in times of stress is a natural reaction. Focusing on releasing the tension in your muscles will calm you down.
  4. Change your thoughts. Distract yourself by picturing something that makes you happy. Visualize a happy moment and forget about what is going on around you.
  5. Use logic to challenge your fears. Sometimes the very thing that is causing our stress is irrational. Calm down and walk through the situation in your mind, or write it down on a piece of paper. Often sorting events into a logical order can calm you down.
  6. Move your body. Get up from your chair, drink water, chew gum. By doing something else, you can release the tension and stress from your body.
  7. Go Outside. If possible, go outside! Watching the everyday world from a different viewpoint while getting some fresh air always helps to de-stress a situation.

How Do You Recover From A Hard Days Work?

Finally, the end of the working day has arrived. It’s eventually time to leave the office and go home to relax. What do you do to relax when you get home? You may have a home and children to take care of, but even if you do, there are ways that you can brush off the office and put the working day behind you.

  • Leave your work at the office
  • Change out of your work clothes
  • Breathe deeply
  • Switch off your phone and laptop
  • Take a power nap
  • Spend time with your family
  • Cook A great meal
  • Write in your journal


By learning tools to calm down and de-stress, we can have a happier day and enjoy life more. There are ways to relax at the end of a busy day, and if we take the time to learn new methods and coping mechanisms, our lives will be less stressful!

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