7 Hidden Signs a Guy with a Girlfriend Likes You

There may be numerous occasions when you feel that a boy is showing interest in you. It might feel vague and quite subtle; but you know there’s a shift in attitude whenever he’s around you. So, what could be the reasons? You might have considered the fact that he could have feelings for you but then you look at his beautiful and kind girlfriend and think otherwise.

There are quite a few ways you can determine if a taken guy likes you. It could very much be the way he looks at you or how he constantly texts you and wants to hang out. He might very well go out of his way to bring you presents; something a mere friend wouldn’t normally do.

With these obvious implications, you should know how to carry on with your approach and how to tackle this situation properly. So, let’s learn how to tell if a guy with a girlfriend likes you.

Major Signs that A Guy with A Girlfriend Like You

If a guy with a girlfriend becomes infatuated with you, he’ll have no choice but to give in to his feelings. And in most cases, he won’t do a fine job in handling or hiding those emotions. But would he develop feelings for you?

It can be the fact that he knows so little about you. As such, he only sees your positive aspects. And your good points will not give in the info of how you react when you’re dealing with arguments or when you are in an extremely stressful or difficult situation.

But that’s not the issue; what you need to understand and figure out are the signs involved that give away his feelings for you. And once you succeed in deciphering those, you’ll know how to tackle them as you move forward.

1. He looks at you constantly.

This will mostly happen when the two of you don’t know each other that well. Let’s say you’re out at an event with a couple of your friends. On the far-right corner, you see this handsome bloke staring at you from a distance. You feel flattered but realize that he’s not alone at the scene.

That is when you realize that he’s trying to get your attention without letting his significant other know. There might even be times when he tries to get your attention even with this girlfriend knowing. This sign most definitely means that you’ve caught his attention

2. Smiling and being a bit too touchy

If you’re friends with someone and they tend to hold your hands and touch you harmlessly sometimes, it shouldn’t mean all that much. But if they tend to get a bit too touchy while being a bit of a tease, that is when you should know that something’s out of the normal

If the guy tends to play with your hair, gives you massages, or even pushes you around, it basically gives away the fact that he’s trying to get your attention in a playful manner. He’s enjoying teasing you and he wants you to have fun and get comfortable with him as well.

3. He bombards you with compliments

Now, if the guy is a natural smooth talker, you’ll know for sure when he’s putting the moves on with his words. He’ll try to make you feel good in your own skin by providing you with small compliments to set the mood or even let you know what he likes you.

It may be small everyday compliments like how that dress looks amazing on you or how the braids on your hair look phenomenal. These little acts will make you drop your guard around him, giving him the opportunity to get close to you.

This way, he’ll gain your trust and you’ll feel safe to confide your secrets in him and let him closer to your own life which is exactly what he wanted from the beginning.

4. He often gets you presents

Ah, presents! The oldest trick in the book on how to woo a woman. This is similar to buying your love with money. Giving you excessive jewelry, dresses, or even buying you your favorite food are signs that he wants to be there for you; maybe as more than friends. Or maybe he just wants to spend more time with you.

An example could be as follows: let’s say both of you like the same band. He might buy you tickets to their concert and along the process, invite himself to come with you. His excuse for not bringing his girlfriend could be that she doesn’t like the band, or so he says. It gets more tricky as you don’t know whether that’s true as it’s only coming out of his mouth.

In such cases, even guys don’t even realize whether they have feelings for you or not, maybe he’s just thinking of getting to know you better so, in the future, he can decide what he wants for himself.

5. Introduces you to his current girlfriend

Now, this is one of the most interesting signs. When a crime is being committed, the criminal might want to closely associate himself with the investigation to look innocent. And that practice is very similar to this tactic.

So if the guy is aware of his feelings towards you, he might feel a sense of guilt which is typical for anyone having feelings while being in a relationship. In order to look innocent and avoid any suspicion, he’ll invite you over and introduce his girlfriend to you.

This is also a two-way shot as he’s reassuring this girlfriend that you’re just a friend while at the same time informing you that he’s indeed not a single man but still feels a certain way for you. It’s up to you to decide whether he’s trying to hide his feelings or if there’s something else, he’s trying to convey.

6. Occasionally flirts with you

Guys might try to flirt with you even if they don’t have any feelings towards you. Reasons could vary from him being bored or he might just need an ego boost once in a while. So, in most cases, he’s only flirting with you to redeem their self-esteem or emotional needs.

But, if a boy in a relationship does that, let’s just say that he doesn’t care that much about hurting his current girlfriend. It’s obvious that he’s attracted to you and wants to let you know henceforth.

So, it won’t be a surprise if he decides to cheat on his girlfriend with somebody else as he’s not in it for the long run with his emotions running wild.

7. He’s interested to meet your family

This guy will not just out of nowhere decide that he wants to meet your family. Not unless he feels a deep connection with you. He feels that in this way, he’ll get on your good side and even receive approval from your folks.

By offering to meet your parents, he’s letting you know that he’s someone to be trusted and respected and is up to no funny business. And thus, you’ll be obligated to let him get closer to you and you see no reason not to. He obviously likes you and wants your family to like him too.

7 Hidden Signs a Guy with a Girlfriend Likes You

What Should You Do in Such Cases?

Now that you’ve realized that he has feelings for you whilst having a girlfriend, what do you do? It might feel strange and you don’t want to do anything that might be morally wrong so what can you do in such a circumstance?

You might feel tempted to win him over if you also develop feelings for him but that wouldn’t be right as you’d also be assisting him to cheat on his girlfriend. The best things to do would be to avoid complications and walk away. No point in being a homewrecker.

Trying to take in that validation for self-satisfaction should not come at the cost of someone else’s pain. So, think carefully before you proceed with your move.


A guy having feelings for you while being committed to someone else might be more common than you think. The signs he displays might even be his cry for help. Maybe the relationship does not give him the satisfaction that he pleases. But that still does not make it okay for him to cheat.

But if you were still wondering how to tell if a guy with a girlfriend likes you, you’ll now be able to have a better understanding so that you know what to do afterward. Hope you were able to get more insight by reading this article and I wish you a very nice day!

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