7 Signs of a Good Hearted Person (Pure Soul)

In life, we are introduced to all sorts of people. Some may give us a good experience, and some may give us something bitter. The bitter feelings that we feel, may linger with us forever. To avoid negativity and drama from life, one should always look for the people who are going to bring positive effects in one’s life. So, if you are wondering how you can look for the signs of a good hearted person, you are in the right place.

A good person or a pure soul can simply be someone who is good to others and most importantly, to themselves. It is an individual who does not betray. It is someone, who will forever remain a good friend, a good partner, and will only spread positivity and calmness in your life.

The qualities of a good or bad person are often vague to identify. To understand more about the qualities of a good person, it is important to realize that every person is unique in their own way. So, to make this easier for you, I am going to explain 7 traits that are always observed in a pure-hearted person.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Heart?

There are multiple traits that make a good person. Thankfully, it is not that hard to identify a good soul if you know what you are looking for. Here are 7 traits that you can look for to spot a good-hearted person.

1. They are Humble to Their Core

Good hearted people are always humble to others. No matter who the other person is, they always behave nicely with them.

They do not brag about being humble, neither do they brag about other achievements they may have. They are always down to earth, and it is one of the key elements of a good hearted person.

2. They Always Express Their Gratitude

A good person is always grateful and appreciative for their surroundings and achievements. They tend to recognize their blessings consciously and are forever thankful for them.

Their way of appreciating things will always be genuine. As a matter of fact, they don’t just only celebrate their achievements, they also celebrate their gratitude towards the people of their lives as well.

3. They are Helpful Whenever Possible

Even if someone does not ask for help, a pure soul would come to rescue someone who is in need. They don’t even require a reason to help someone.

Also, they do not expect anything in return for any favors. A pure hearted person will try to help on their own accord. They tend to feel good when they can help someone. So, you can say, they are selfless in that way.

4. They Only Say Good Things about Others

It is so rare to find someone who will say good things behind your back. In most cases, we feel betrayed by the people around us, because they spread lies, or reveal our secrets. On the other hand, a good person is the complete opposite.

They never spread lies, and will only say good things about a person in conversations. In cases where everyone is gossiping about a person, a person with a good heart does not participate and discourages the group to stop.

5. They Apologize When it is Needed

Like anyone else, a good person is not perfect as well. They know when they make mistakes. So, when they realize it, they genuinely apologize for it.

Sometimes they might even apologize for the mistakes they did not even make. The reason behind this is, they believe the relationship between them and others is more important than the silly misunderstandings. So, they apologize without being defensive of their behavior.

6. They Make People Feel Included

When at a party or any social event, there are people who feel left out or are not quite enjoying themselves.

If a pure-hearted person notices this, they instantly make themselves available for that person. They try to include them in conversations and make them feel they belong with everyone else at the party.

7. They Notice What is Important to You

Even if they don’t understand or are not quite interested in the things that are important to a person, they still try to be supportive of it.

They do not make anyone feel unimportant or unheard. Good hearted people make sure that no one feels awkward for sharing too much of what they like or feel that they have bored the other person. A good hearted person will always be there to listen and support.

Advice for Pure Hearted Souls

If you are a good hearted person, then know this- the world needs more people like you. Make kindness your biggest strength and humanity your absolute goal. Be just as helpful as you are to people who appreciate you. Keep being the light in people’s lives and bring out the best in them. Your kindness and goodness have the astounding strength to make someone’s day or even life. It is a choice to be kind to others so make your choices count.

However, never forget to take care of yourself too. If you are a pure soul, or know someone who is one, here are some tips on how you can prevent people from taking advantage of your kindness. Kindness being your biggest strength, it can also easily turn into your biggest weakness. So, to be careful of how to make sure your best qualities are not being taken advantage of, you can follow these short tips.

Look for Reciprocated Feelings

If you are a good person, you probably know by now that you tend to go miles for others, who would not even walk 3 steps for you.

This can cause a multitude of problems for you in the long run. Even after you make everyone feel important, you might end up feeling unwanted in your groups. So, it is best to look for a group of people who would also appreciate you, and your kindness, the way you do theirs.

Do Not Be an Over-giving Person

Being a kind hearted person, you like helping and providing for others. There are people who love you for it, but there are also people who would take this quality of yours for granted.

They will take advantage of you by asking you to do things for them again and again. You have to realize whom to help and whom not to. Over-giving quality of yours will attract a lot of freeloaders, so be careful of them.

Stand Up for Yourself

Being a kind and humble person, you may not always stand up for yourself and correct someone, in the fear of losing them or hurting them. Although in some cases, you do need to do it. You have to confront people who do you wrong and don’t apologize.

You should set a limit for yourself when it comes to ungrateful people. Try to say ‘no’ when it is needed and think before saying yes to people who might take advantage of your kindness. Kindness starts from you and later spreads to others. So, if you are able to show your kindness to others, then show some to yourself too.


In this article, I have tried to explain how to identify the signs of a good hearted person. With these signs, you can easily determine whether a person possesses good or bad qualities. Also, I hope this article inspires you to practice these qualities in your personal life as well and become a better person.

Wishing you all the best for a positive and prosperous future. Thank you for reading!

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