7 Signs of a Married Female Coworker Likes You

Sometimes when working together, people start to develop feelings for one another despite being married. Did you experience something similar? Does your married female coworker treat you like you mean more than a colleague to her? But you are not sure whether her signals indicate that she has a crush or is she just overly friendly. So, how can you be sure? 

Some signs indicating that your married coworker likes you are- she often stares and smiles at you and finds ways to be alone with you. She visits your desk repeatedly and also seems interested in your personal life. You are likely to have noticed at least one of the mentioned signs if you have a married female admirer at work.  

There are many signs besides these. But in this article, I will be talking about 7 signs a married female coworker likes you. And at the end I will also talk about how you can tell whether she’s just being over friendly.

7 Signs Indicating That Your Married Co-Worker Likes You

Below I have listed 7 signs you will surely find in your female coworker if she has feelings for you. But as she is married, chances are high that she will try her best to hide it. 

1. You Catch Her Looking and Smiling at You Often

The female coworker you are skeptical of having feelings for you will often stare at you. Mostly while you are not looking. And as you catch her, she will either look away immediately or will smile at you to hide the embarrassment. She might even make it obvious by not looking away at all. However, it is less likely as she is married, thus she would not want to be caught.

Whenever there is a group conversation or a meeting at the office, she will look at you repeatedly now and then. When she talks, she will look at you for your approval. She will also be very attentive when you are saying something.

During the meetings, see if she sits beside you or across you. It is to be able to see you well. Notice whether she praises you often- it is either trying to initiate a conversation or to make you happy.

2. She Will Find Ways to Be Alone with You

Sometimes she will wait for you till you are done working. Keep in mind, she is married and probably has to leave when she is done with her work. But some days you will find her wasting her time at her desk while the office starts to get empty, but you are still there working.

It is not for any explicit purpose, but it is mostly for the thrill of being able to get down the elevator with you alone without anyone else; To be able to walk to her car while you perhaps escort her. If your car is down, or you usually take a subway, she might even offer to drop you home.

3. She is Interested in Your Personal Life

She will often ask you questions about your family and friends, all the while trying to inquire more about you. Perhaps her main purpose is to somehow find out if you have a girlfriend.

Notice whether she empathizes with you if you are upset about anything- even if it is your pet’s death, a broken car shield, or a work-related issue. She will get engaged in your affairs to show she cares.

4. She will Try to Extend a Relationship Beyond Work

If she is available for a hangout, she will sometimes ask you what you are doing during the weekends. She will ask you for a drink, a coffee, a walk down the night food stalls, or even for a movie. It will all seem like a harmless invite as she might include other colleagues initially. But slowly she will attempt to hang out with you alone.

During holidays, she will ask you what your plans are and whether you are spending them alone. It concerns her. Taking the chance to throw parties at her home, inviting all her colleagues, but her purpose will be to invite you without the trouble of her husband doubting. This means she keeps wanting to stay close to you in any way possible.

5. She Visits Your Desk with Unimportant Work Issues

See if she keeps showing up. Through texting, calls, or even the simplest- visiting your desk. It is a common sign when a coworker is interested in you, they will visit your desk inquiring about silly work stuff.

She will ask if you are done with a task, if she can help, or might ask you to help her finish a task assigned to her. Might even ask if you need a beverage from the office fridge just because she is going to the kitchen.

6. Her Body Language Changes Around You

Being married, she will try her best to be as composed around you as possible but sometimes, her body language will automatically differ around you. It is not intentional, but she gets aware around you, like fixing her hair and dress.

Often getting nervous and not making eye contact out of shyness, she makes meaningless talks when you are around. But it all depends on how forward the one you are thinking of is.

7. She Gets Jealous When You Are Around Other Female Coworkers

It is a difficult one to identify however, her body language and facial expression will change if she doesn’t want you talking to other females at work. She will try to get engaged in conversations when you are talking to another female.

She might even try to subtly tell you how the female colleague you were talking to is not a good person or has a boyfriend- even if you were just being friendly with them.

Noticing Her Flirtations

If she doesn’t care about being married, she will flirt with you. It will either be direct or through her actions. As mentioned above where she visits your desk frequently, only this time it will be for chit-chatting with you. She will tell you how the shirt you are wearing suits you. She might tell you that your hair looks good or give you random compliments.

The signs and flirts will be obvious. She will send flirtatious texts, give heart reactions to your photos on social media, and even compliment you publicly but not in a friendly way. There will be accidental touches or bumps while passing you. Or she might even make it obvious by actually trying to hold your hands or fixing your hair.

Does Your Co-worker Like You or Is Just Friendly?

The signs mentioned above might also be similar when a female coworker just admires you as a friend. Leaving the sign of getting jealous when you speak to other females at work and also being too nosy about your personal life, a friendly coworker will not be as clingy.

Someone who likes you and also if they are married, their actions will show and will perhaps even make you uncomfortable. Friendly people do not cross a line, while someone who has feelings for you will try to invade your personal space in various ways. Try to notice those signs and differentiate.


As I said, you might experience things differently. It depends on how forward your female coworker is. Despite liking you, if she does not want to ruin her marriage nor extend a relationship more than friendship with you, she will keep a good distance.

However, she will give you bits of these signs out of admiration towards you. And the signs a married female coworker likes you will be among the ones given in this article. Stay alert and better to stay away from issues like these!

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