7 Signs Your Ex’s Rebound Relationship Will Fail

If your ex has jumped right into a relationship after you two had broken up recently, be sure it is a rebound. Going into a relationship with someone new while still having feelings for the other never works out well. It does not last long either. There are some transparent signs a rebound relationship is failing.

Some signs of a failing rebound are, your ex still communicating with you, showing off too much about the new relationship on socials, and appearing at parties with the new person, where you are likely to be. The new relationship will be moving too fast, which is a sign of how pretentious it is on your ex’s end.

These signs are easy to pick if you knew your ex well. Let me help you out with a few so that you can identify them. 

7 Signs Your Ex’s Rebound Relationship Will Fail

After breaking up with your ex, does the instant match with another person seem fishy to you? That is because it is! 50% of the time, the fast move on is because they have been seeing the other man/woman while they were with you. And the rest of the 50% is because they want to get over you while using the new person. 

The chances are thin that it is something genuine. However, here are 7 signs you will find in your ex’s relationship if it is a failing rebound-

1. Your Ex Still Communicates with You

Even with the new relationship, are you still receiving calls and texts from your ex? It probably is because they miss you, want to know your whereabouts, and still want to stay updated about you.

It sounds very innocent, right? But it is a sign that the new relationship is not fulfilling, and they keep coming back to you for that reason. They are perhaps missing the way things were with you. Often people recall old habits and compare them with new life. That way, old habits truly die hard.

2. Keeping You Updated to Make You Jealous

Communicating with you might also be a way to keep you updated about the new relationship. If you two broke up on good terms, the amount of information shared with you has only one purpose- to make you jealous! The intention will also be to make you think of what you lost. It might also trigger you to fight for a reunion.

If it is your ex-girlfriend, she will probably flaunt and show off all the gifts she is receiving, the small cute gestures, the intimacy, the places he is taking her to, and sometimes his achievements. You will receive a random call from her where she is checking up on you. But she aims to inform you about her happy days with the new man.

If it is your ex-boyfriend, then he will very casually and indirectly talk about his new girl. He might say things like, ‘Can you advise me what to get for her? It is her birthday.” Or “She treats me so well, I need suggestions on what to do to make her happy.”

If you two are not in touch and broke up on bad terms, however, there are a few other ways to make you jealous. The signs can be a constant social media upload, trespassing the place you work at, or showing up there.

For instance, if you work at the movie theater and if the relationship is to make you jealous, they will for sure appear to buy tickets.

3. Showing-off the Relationship on Social Media

If you still have your ex on your socials, there will be tons of pictures and videos getting uploaded daily on his or her profile. It is an obvious sign if the relationship is a rebound, but it is also common for exes to show off the new relationship, even if they are over you. All that to make you regret it.

You will notice the pictures are of holding hands, your ex visiting new places regularly, eating out on a romantic candlelight dinner, flowers or gifts, cooking dinner together, and many more. The images may even have captions where your ex might put a lyric from a song you loved.

4. Appearing with the New Partner in Events You Are in

If you and your ex are not in touch through socials, it limits the ways for them to show you how the new relationship is going. If there is an invitation from a party where you are likely to be in, your ex might show up.

Holding hands, all dressed up, perhaps dressed in coordinating colors, and you will see them all over each other. Even if your ex’s partner thinks it is genuine, your ex will be doing it to show you.

5. Comparing You with the New Person

The signs will not always be to show you or make you jealous. Perhaps they wanted to get over you by hurrying into a new relationship.

However, relationships made in haste never produce good results. The comparison of the days with you and with the new person will make them regret it all. It is never easy to adapt to a new lifestyle with a different person; your ex is likely to keep recalling how you used to do things. They will think of you in every action.

Even if your ex broke your heart, or you left, the new relationship will still remind them of you. If the breakup has caused too much damage, it might cause the hesitation and regret of something new. You will hear mutual friends often informing you that your ex is broken and not having a good time.

Through stalking, you can also find out that they post sad relationship status, which does not indicate you but maybe the new person in their life.

6. Aloof Behavior and Ignorance in the New Relationship

If your ex is not interested in the new person, there ought to be no indulgence or devotion at all. There will be a noticeable distance and no changes in your ex’s actions.

How can you determine the actions without contact? Ask the friends of your ex with whom you are still in touch. You will hear how your ex is not getting too involved with the lover, the relationship seems pretentious, and your ex looks unhappy.

If you are still in touch, you will notice how your ex does not talk about the new relationship. It means your ex is taking the break-up hard and having a hard time loving again.

7. The Relationship is Moving Too Fast

There something called is too slow and too fast when it comes to relationships. If the relationship your ex is in right now is either of the two and not at a moderate pace, it means the relationship is likely to fail. Too fast indicates the rush of trying to forget you.

There will be signs such as visiting destinations within a month of the relationship or moving in together. Or getting a pet together, sending holiday cards together, or other serious things people do only when their relationship is in a definite stage.

Should You Two Get Back if The New Relationship Fails?

It depends on the issues that broke you two off in the first place. If the reasons are toxic, there is no need for you to assess whether the new relationship is a rebound or genuine.

If you two broke up due to a fixable issue, yet your ex moved on pretty soon, then perhaps there is room for reconciliation. But that is if you want your ex back.

If your ex has changed for the better, make sure you do not wish to reconnect out of weakness, but be wise about the decision.


Now, you know what are the signs a rebound relationship is failing. Rebounds result in breakups pretty soon, or people remain in those relationships without having actual feelings for their partner which is even worse. But if you have just broken up with your ex, and you see the signs I’ve talked about in this article, be sure it will also end up in a break-up pretty soon. 

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