8 of Swords Rx: Mindful Liberation

8 of Swords Rx: Mindful Liberation

I was pretty wound up earlier this week. Justified, if you ask me. And again, if you ask the loving people who listened to me.

But then, I got some news.

My sister-in-law passed suddenly. Everything was normal when she went to work that day—then, just like that, she was gone. We hadn’t been close in a long time, but I loved that woman. She was one of my first witchy friends and one Hell of a human.

In that instant, my perspective and priorities shifted. What seemed so important minutes ago just wasn’t. As usual, I see myself and life in the cards for next week.

Next Week in the Cards

  • Outlook: Reversed Eight of Swords

    There are opportunities to free ourselves, especially from self-imposed prisons.
  • Advice: Nine of Swords, clarified by Three of Wands

    Tread carefully, with an eye toward what you’re setting up for the future.

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Pictured cards are from the Housewives’ Tarot deck.

The stuff that seemed so important may not be, really. Perspective shifts here, revealing more options than you saw before. The reversed Eight of Swords means less fear, more options.

However, with advice from the Nine of Swords, there’s a caution to tread carefully. While you may have plenty of freedom, make sure you still feel good about your choices. You also have the freedom to act in ways that might hurt others or that you’d regret.

So, rather than running wild when you first feel the urge, slow down. Ask yourself what you might feel guilty about later or what the implications would be. You can claim some of that freedom. You should! Just remember, you’re responsible for your choices. It’s not our job to manage other people’s feelings, but it doesn’t feel great to trample on them for no reason, either.

Step outside your box. Just take small, measured steps initially. Pay attention to your greater goals and take your time. It’s not a problem because once you’re out of that box, you’re not going back in.

DALL·E 2024 05 18 16.44.00 A colorful evocative image of a female or ambiguously gendered person breaking free from chains or ropes. The person should look relieved and liberat

Are you ready to find yourself some freedom, friends?

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