9 Good Qualities List Of A Good Person

Throughout our lives, this is what most of us aspire and strive to be – a good person. We would all like to be known as or fondly remembered as a good person. The characteristics of a good person would loosely be described as a kind, caring, positive person, someone who you would love to be around!

Here is our top list of 9 suggested qualities to look for in a good person or to possibly work on for your own personal improvement and become a better person yourself:

  1. Honesty
  2. Being Polite
  3. Kindness
  4. Generosity
  5. Good Manners
  6. Great Attitude
  7. Empathy
  8. Loyalty
  9. Passion

Perhaps we are looking for a good person to enjoy life with, a friend, partner, spouse, or a group of friends. We might be looking at changing ourselves and becoming a better, nicer, happier person. How do we achieve these goals of either finding good people or becoming a good person ourselves?

Our Suggested List Of Good Qualities Of A Good Person

We are all drawn to people for different reasons. As children, we may be attracted to a strong, confident person. As teens, our needs may change as we try to fit in with our peers, and we may be drawn to a certain person because of their looks and presence. As adults, we tend to change as we grow and develop, and our requirements may differ according to the situations that we are in.

We are all, at some point, attracted to qualities in someone else that we admire. Let’s have a look at what some of these qualities could be, and see if we can perhaps try and improve our outlook on life and become a better person or look for these qualities in a potential friend, spouse, or partner:

1. Honesty

All relationships are built on trust and honesty. A good person will try their utmost to always tell the truth without feeling the need to lie, building a bond of trust with other people.  

Sometimes we may feel forced or obliged to tell a lie to either get us out of a difficult situation or to spare someone’s feeling. Being honest means owning up to a lie and acting in a responsible manner, apologizing, and trying to repair any damages that may have been caused because of the lie.

Occasionally a relationship will run its course and come to an end – a truly good, honest person will end the relationship at the right time and move forward, instead of dragging out a relationship that isn’t working anymore.

2. Being Polite

This is a trait that we are all raised with – always be polite to others, your friends, your elders, and have good manners. Good people show respect to others and are mindful of their manners. They treat others how they would like to be treated themselves.

Being polite could also mean co-operating with others and not forcing your opinions and ideals onto other people.  Being an attentive listener and paying attention to what other people have to say is an important quality to have and shows others that you respect their opinions.

3. Kindness

Being kind doesn’t mean that you have to like everyone, but it does show that you are willing to accept people at face value for who they are, no matter their outlook on life, and to treat them with respect.

We are all drawn to people who display authenticity – no pretenses, real people. People who say and act in a manner that does not cause harm to anyone else.

4. Generosity

Being generous to others generally means not being selfish. Being selfish is a trait that we all know very well. What’s mine is mine, and I’m not sharing!

To be a generous person does not mean that you must share all your worldly goods or give away all your belongings, money, or time, but rather that others will know that they can turn to you for assistance if they need it.

Some people will happily donate time or money for a good cause, while others will give what they have to help a friend in need.

Generous people are always willing to give more than what is expected of them.

5. Good Manners

Good manners is a trait of a good person that will never go out of style! Good people will always show good manners and will treat others with respect. This also means being aware of their own actions and the consequences of what they are doing.

Treating others with respect and being polite is what good manners are all about. Holding open a door for an older person, not burping in public, keeping in contact with family and friends are all great examples of good manners.

Etiquette encourages good manners in good people. This is the act of being aware of our conduct and helps to promote respect for different people and different cultures.

6. Attitude

This is about making the best out of every situation that you find yourself in and how you handle yourself while in that situation. A negative attitude can always be turned into a positive with a smile and a good attitude! Having a happy smile will draw other people to you and make them want to be around you!

A good first impression is important to good people. They will consistently treat people the same in every situation, finding the best in others and making lasting friendships.

7. Empathy

Empathy comes from focusing on someone else – their needs, feelings, and struggles and trying to understand that person’s point of view without judging them by your outlook on life.

Showing sympathy and caring to others is a wonderful trait to have as a good person. Caring about what others think and understanding that others have feelings and opinions makes you a better person.

Even if you may not necessarily agree with others, you understand that they do have different views to yours and that it’s ok to be different.

8. Loyalty

Standing by your partner, friend, or Boss, no matter what, even when the going gets tough, shows true loyalty.

Often, we find ourselves in situations that are not very comfortable for us, but we are there to give support to others and to show them that we are available to them.

9. Passion

Good people know what they believe in and have the courage to act on what they believe. They stand up for their own beliefs and don’t allow anyone to tell them that they are wrong.

Passionate people are good to be around as they are truly satisfied with what they are doing, and they know that they are going to achieve what they have set out to do!

Set Some Boundaries

While all these qualities are good, you do need to set your own boundaries and decide who you are going to be and how much help and comfort you can offer to others. Being a good person and helping and mentoring others does not mean that you are available at any time to assist those in need.

Personal boundaries set guidelines for yourself and others in your life to follow while at the same time showing people how you wish to be treated. Good people do not necessarily wish to upset people or make enemies of others, but neither can they allow their own needs to be sacrificed.

Setting boundaries is a good way to have mutually beneficial, respectful, caring relationships.

Why Should I Be A Good Person?

There is an ongoing struggle inside most people – should I be a good person, or should I be a bad person? Should I do what I want to do at any cost, or should I do the right thing?

Generally, most people do want to be good, but for some, the cost is too high, and the lure of being constantly selfish and acting mean is greater than the need to be a nice person.

Nice, good people, always see the brighter side of life and the good in any situation. Life is easier to manage if you are surrounded by people who are always trying to help you and encourage you, so why shouldn’t you do the same for them?

Your reputation counts. Being known as a kind, generous and faithful friend and not as selfish and angry will help to create all sorts of possibilities in your life and open doors for you!

The life choices that you make can be with you and can affect your reputation for many years.

Why not be a bright spark in your own life and an encouragement to others?

How Do I Become A Good Person

We all have different viewpoints on what a good person is and how to become a good person. To some, a good person is someone who is always available to you, someone who never rejects you and will do exactly as you ask all the time, and never say no to your requests.

To others, a good person is someone who behaves like a Saint – someone who will do good deeds for the needy or someone who denies their own needs for the welfare of others.

Generally, though, a good person is someone who is kind and generous, not a bad person, someone who has a positive attitude to life and all its bumps in the road.

How to become a good person is a matter of choice, but there are ways that you can improve yourself as well as your situation:

Top Tips To Becoming A Good Person

To become a good person, try building up your own self-esteem and improve your own outlook on life by trying some of these top tips:

  1. Be grateful. Change your mindset and keep a gratitude journal. Regularly make a list of everything that you are grateful for and watch how your own attitude changes.
  2. Rest more. Improved sleep and more downtime can help you to destress and become more positive. People who don’t get a sufficient amount of sleep tend to be angry people!
  3. Greet more people. Make an effort to greet people, even if it’s just a nod to a stranger on the street. Say hello to your colleagues in the office and connect with them.
  4. Build yourself up. Stop criticizing yourself, and instead, be positive and optimistic. Tell yourself how great you are!
  5. Challenge yourself. Instead of assuming that you can’t do something, challenge yourself to do it and give yourself a pat on the back once it’s done!
  6. Be Kind. The more you practice being kind to others, the easier it will become and the better your mood will be! Try smiling at everyone you meet, or surprise someone with a bar of chocolate!
  7. Forgive yourself. Let it go. Make a plan to correct the wrong if necessary, but don’t hold onto any negative emotions.
  8. Look after yourself. You are worth it. Go to the gym or the spa, spend time reading and relaxing. 10 – 20 minutes a day is all you need to pamper yourself and feel good!
  9. See friends. Reach out to others and enjoy social events or a chat over the phone. We are all happier with friends to enjoy!

Are There Benefits To Being A Good Person

There are many benefits to being a good person, not only for yourself but for those around you. Being a good person matters in society and in your own social circle.

  • Family. These are the people that you choose to go through life with, the ones closest to you. Being a happy, good person makes for an enjoyable, adventurous, happy life with people that you care about!
  • Career. Having a reputation as being a happy, honest, and loyal worker could make the difference between you getting that promotion or your colleague! Often, it’s not only a hard worker but also someone with a great attitude that the Boss is looking for!
  • Relationships. People look for sincerity and trustworthiness in others, so you are more likely to attract a large circle of friends if you are open, honest, and friendly!

Looking For The Good In Other People

When being a good person yourself seems difficult, look for the good in the people around you. Become inspired by what you see as good in other people and lift yourself out of your negative space.

Perhaps you are looking for that special person to enjoy life with, or a special friend or companion, a spouse or a life partner, or even a business partner.

What Qualities Would You Look For In A Good Person In Your Life?

We all have a list of qualities that we look for when choosing to allow someone into our lives. Have a look and our list and see if you identify with any:

  • Choosing friends. Whether you are looking for one special friend, a small group of friends, or a crowd, we all have our own criteria. A friend is someone that you would enjoy being around and sharing fun times with. Choose people who have the same interests as you and enjoy your company!
  • A spouse or partner. This is the person that you are going to spend most of your time with, so look for someone who makes you feel loved, safe, and happy!
  • Business partner. Who we choose to go into business with is very important. This person needs to be honest and trustworthy as well as being motivated. Be wary of mean spirited businesspeople!


It is not hard to be a good person, but it does take work. Changes might need to be made to your life in order to become the good person that you would like to be. The choices that you make determine the person who you are going to be and the happy life that you will live.

Good people often go the extra mile and finish what they have started. Think of the good people that you know in your life and learn from them. Practice copying what they do and how they treat others and try to implement these positive traits in your own life.  Being a good person does matter!

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