9 Signs A Girl Is Jealous of Another Girl

Regardless of gender, jealousy is an inherent human trait that we all carry in ourselves. Only a handful of people might make it through life without experiencing any forms of jealousy towards them. But if you happen to be a girl, the stakes of you encounter a jealous person at some point in your life is sky-high. And, that too by another girl. 

From acting weird around you to sabotaging your every movement, there are so many ways to tell whether a girl is jealous of you or not.

Dive right into the article below if you want to know about the 9 signs a girl is jealous of another girl, and some other information related to the topic. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it.

What Makes a Girl Jealous of Another Girl?

Jealousy mainly stems from low self-esteem or insecurity. When the feeling of inadequacy gets out of control, jealousy takes over. But when it comes to jealousy in women, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

From a very young age, girls are conditioned to live up to the unrealistic beauty standards set by society. This ridiculous burden to come off as “beautiful” can easily lead to body dysmorphia and low self-esteem, especially for women who don’t know how to love themselves in the first place. And, this leads to jealousy.

If a woman believes that her appearance does not comply with the “ideal” beauty standards, they may project their insecurities onto others who do. If other women perceive your beauty as threatening, your mere presence can make them feel inadequate.

They might regard you as a competitor if they’re looking for a romantic partner. Or, they may also perceive you as an evil woman who can jeopardize their relationship with their partners.

Apart from these, women who are not content with their careers, tend to feel threatened by women who are more smart, confident, or successful than them. And thus, cannot help but feel jealous.

9 Signs A Girl Is Jealous of Another Girl

Jealousy is an inevitable emotion that we all feel at times. While some are great at hiding their jealousy, some are not. Detecting a jealous girl from time to time might be overwhelming, but once you know the signs to watch out for, the job becomes easier.

1. She picks on you

If a girl is jealous of you, chances are she feels inferior to you. And, nobody watches you harder than people who can’t stand you.

She’ll monitor your every single movement to find a way to bring you down. She’s always on the lookout to point out even the tiniest mistake, to prove her superiority to you!

2. She acts weird around you

Women tend to get cranky in the presence of the woman who makes them jealous. If a girl is jealous of you, she will look visibly unhappy as soon as you show up in the room.

Even the most trivial matter will get on her nerves when she is around you, and soon she will find an excuse to get herself out.

3. She downplays your achievements

A jealous woman will always find a way to downplay your success. As she can’t stand seeing you happy, she may do bad things to hinder your success.

But if you do end up being successful, she’ll disparage it right away. Your accomplishment makes her feel insignificant, so she’ll try her best to make sure that you feel bad about yourself as well.

4. She talks behind your back

A jealous woman will do everything she can to damage your connections, particularly with people who are closest to you. She doesn’t want you to have a strong support system, and that’s why she goes around saying things about you that are not even remotely true.

She will try to dig out dirt on you or even make things up on her own to put you down. And, when you try to confront her about it, she will straight up deny all the allegations and won’t take accountability for her action.

5. She is happy at your misery

Being happy at others’ misery is another disturbing trait every jealous person embodies. If a woman is jealous of you, you are most likely to notice an evil grin on her face every time you fail in some way.

To put salt in your wound, she will try to be around you and bring up the topic of your pain. She will try to find victory in your failure.

6. She exaggerates her success

People who feel inferior about themselves need constant validation on the fact that they are not as inadequate as they believe themselves to be. If a jealous woman feels threatened by you, you’ll find her constantly bragging about herself when she’s around you.

She won’t mind going the extra mile or making up stories about herself, just to appear better than you!

7. She is trying to make allies

A jealous girl will always look out for ways to sabotage your relationship. She will try to give you bad advice out of spite, and do things that come in your way of happiness. And, the whole thing becomes easier when she’s friends with you.

She’ll try to make allies with you no matter how hard you try to get rid of her. She won’t take no for an answer, and you will find it tough to push her away.

8. She is always sarcastic with you

You can always tell when a girl is being way too sarcastic with you. She will pass around snarky comments about you and try to cover it up as sarcasm.

You will also find herself making distasteful jokes about you every now and then that bothers you to the core.

9. She uses backhanded Compliments

A jealous woman will give you compliments laced with sarcasm that’ll make you doubt your worth instead of making you happy.

You won’t be able to wrap your head around whether she just praised you or gave you the harshest insult. Her compliments never seem genuine, and you feel super awkward every time she praises you.

How To Deal with Jealous Girls?

First thing first, ignoring is not an option when it comes to a jealous woman. Confront their behaviors and be the bigger person by offering her help. Have a conversation with her and find a way out that will help you both down the road.

No one has the right to make you feel bad about yourself. If she doesn’t want to sort things out, cut all ties with her right away. Your circle is supposed to be proud of you, not jealous. Surround yourself with people who bring the best out of you, and try your best not to let the jealousy of someone get under your skin.

Sometimes the signs of a person being jealous towards you is not that clear. But you will know in your gut if you get along with someone, as you’ll catch up on their vibes. But there’s just something about the aura of a jealous woman that will make you feel uncomfortable around her.

Always stick with your instinct when you feel anxious around someone for no apparent reason. There’s a good chance they’re jealous of you and have bad intentions for you in their mind.


If you encounter a jealous girl on a regular basis, you have every right to cut her off. Safeguarding yourself from people who are jealous becomes relatively easy when you know who is jealous of you in the first place.

I hope this article “9 Signs A Girl Is Jealous of Another Girl” will help you with that! Thanks for stopping by. And I hope you find a solution to your social issues.

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