BLP Ep #202: Summer Ideas + Inspiration

In today’s episode, I share some ideas and inspiration for your summer — some of it a little bit outside of the typical (summer cleaning, anyone?).

Topics discussed:

  • Sharing the load of summer planning and fun-making
  • Summer checklists . . . not just for kids
  • Summer fun ideas for less than ideal weather
  • Summer habit / routine changes
  • Summer cleaning (why is this not a thing?)
  • One Big Project
  • Think about when you will think about the next season

I also answer a listener question on planners that start in the summer — if you’re willing to wait until July, there are a ton of options!

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mother of 3 // MD // south floridian // ESFJ // upholder.
into: planners, great food, running, reading, writing, mornings, podcasting, and coffee.

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