Catching Up!

Catching Up

I took a little break from posting while we were traveling — not entirely sure why! I had the time . . . but perhaps I didn’t have the energy.

Here is an incomplete photodump with a few highlights!

1720547848 33 Catching Up
representative of our airport experience
1720547849 449 Catching Up
My HS track, haha. Pretty nice! Josh did a workout here.
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3Gs: grandma, G, giraffe
Catching Up
I think they were watching penguins here!
1720547850 830 Catching Up
zoo BFFs

Other unpictured happenings:

  • Heading to Palm Beach International airport (nicest and easiest airport near us of the 3 options, but ~1 hr away) at 4:30 AM on Thursday after Josh ended up operating/seeing consults until 2:30 AM the night before — for a minute there I thought we might not make it, at least not all together
  • Recording session with Laura (we did a “secret episode” for our Patreon + a mailbag, as is our ‘live recording’ tradition)
  • Dinner for 9 (my parents, our fam, my sister + M) at a Moroccan restaurant where we took over the entire upstairs.
  • A was so good with M — she is good with kids in general and this was such a cute little pairing.
  • C beat everyone in Nok Hockey. Repeatedly. As per usual.
  • Family trip to Rita’s Water Ice!! I got lemon / vanilla / pie pieces — key lime pie vibes. I still think that Jeremiah’s might actually be better . . . but both are good!
  • Fun dinner out with Laura + her husband while her kids/my kids hung out at her house — major milestone! Also, our kids get along very well. It is super cute!
  • Homemade pizzas and the best ever lemon ricotta pancakes, courtesy of my mom
  • M and G sleepover!! Both slept at my sister’s house and they were up way too late so next time I have promised that they can both stay with our fam — it’s definitely our turn!
  • Super late and delicious lunch at Flanigan’s on the way back from the airport. Josh and I then both bemoaned the lack of buffer between our trip and the work week, but we got over it.

Workouts Last Week

It was a bit of a down week, with 45 miles total (5 runs rather than my usual 6, due to travel) and just one barre workout. There was one speed workout in there with 15 x 1 min that felt wayyyy harder than it sounded! The heat of summer is definitely making every run harder, but I’m hoping this will pay off come . . . well, realistically, around November (waahhh). I am also now Seriously Recommitting to strength training. Starting today.

Last week’s highlight run was 12 miles along the Schuylkill River watching people boating. Josh ran with me for most of it! It was 78-80F which was normal for us but admittedly a little bit disappointing (this is a rather high “low” temp for Philadelphia).

Oh!! And I want to try the ASICS Superblast 2. Any Superblast fans? I was thinking these could work for speedwork and more moderate efforts.

1720547851 352 Catching Up

Reading Last Week

I finished two books on the trip: The Sicilian Inheritance by Jo Piazza and True To You by Kathleen Smith. The former was historical fiction and pretty enjoyable though I thought the second half dragged a little bit. The latter was all about relationships and Bowen theory and pretty apropos to be reading on a family trip!

I’m currently reading Sandwich and finding it absolutely delightful and I just stared The Anxious Generation, which is actually making ME anxious (perhaps that was the intent, to get the elder Millennials and young GenXs caught up with GenZ by reading this book).


BLP record x 1 — fun guest interview! (Don’t worry, it will air Monday so the suspense won’t last long)

Bit of admin stuff (various things to be scheduled)

Complete “Special Marketing & Promotion Opportunities” section of book manuscript and mayyyybe do the “Author Bio” part too if I’m on a roll

Strength workout

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