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I have been thinking a lot about choices lately. How we can do A LOT, but not everything. Splurge on some things, but not everything. Pursue some goals in a given time frame, but not all of them. Watch some shows / read some books / visit some dream destinations — but not all of them.

Choices are hard. I think part of settling into your 40s (as I am definitely doing!) is recognizing the finitude of things and becoming conscious of these choices, and at peace with the fact that they must be made.

(As I discussed in my recent bday BLP episode, one of the reasons I feel planning is so important is that it is a process that helps us make more intentional choices — so that we can actively decide what we want, and avoid life just kind of happening to us.)

((Now that I think about it, Piglet — which I finished yesterday — was also a book about choices, and may have spurred this line of thinking. It was dark and uncomfortable to read but on reflection I am glad to have read it.))

Choices The Shu

Current & common choices in my mind (big and very small):

Open up an app vs read or do something else

Which books to add to my summer reading list

Whether to buy a 3rd pair of scrubs to round out my self-imposed work uniform collection or save the money for something else

How to help the kids navigate screen time over the summer

Where we should go for future (ie 2025) family trips

How will we (and should we?) adjust our childcare arrangements as the kids get bigger and more self-sufficient

Whether to try for different clinical days (vs the current MWF) in 2025

Which podcast to listen to at any given time

. . .

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