Claire Wu on Crafting Calm: How Breathwork Inspired Her Path to Wellness

These days, we’re chatting with Claire, the creator of Breathe Into Peace. Claire’s journey started when she found out that standard converse therapy did not entirely handle her body’s pressure and pressure.

It was only when she attempted breathwork that she knowledgeable a major psychological launch, leading her to develop the Respiration Necklace. This piece serves as a each day reminder to acquire a minute and breathe, aiming to support some others find a perception of security and comfort. Claire shares her story of how breath perform aided unlock deep-seated trauma, inspiring her to structure jewellery that combines design and style with function.

Claire, was there a certain occasion or realisation that sparked the plan for Breathe Into Peace?

For rather some time, I navigated the route of chat remedy and counselling in look for of mental wellness, but my human body remained in superior pressure and pressure. It wasn’t till I encountered breathwork that I certainly recognized therapeutic a one session unlocked a profound release of deep-rooted trauma, providing me a great perception of basic safety and convenience inside my have human body.

This revelation birthed the Breathing Necklace, a generation born out of the transformative electrical power of breath. Created as a everyday reminder to interact in mindful breathing, this necklace is more than jewellery—it’s a beacon of hope and healing, guiding us toward inner peace through the easy, but profound, act of breathing. It’s an invitation to investigate the profound healing likely that resides in us- we all have the power to heal deeply. 

In establishing wearable useful jewelry, you have taken a distinctive strategy to anxiousness relief. Could you notify us a lot more about how these pieces work and the science powering them?

*Our wearables are made and co-created with our clients. Respiratory raises oxygen to the brain and all system cells and induces a perception of calm. It is scientifically demonstrated to launch anxiety and anxiousness and lower heart fee, panic assaults, blood force, and cortisol degrees. (Vancampfort D,2016, Streeter CC 2017)

The patent-awarded triangular design will help to slow down breathing, slow down the coronary heart level, and relaxed the nervous process. 

Presented your in depth experience across diverse cultures, how do you see the comprehension and procedure of stress and anxiety varying globally, and how has this influenced your perform at Breathe Into Peace?

The normal remedy for stress ailment is medication, converse remedy, and modification of way of life.  You would see this throughout a lot of Western nations around the world, like the Usa, Australia, and Scandinavia.

In Japanese society, it is frequently integrated with traditional drugs and Western medicine, and a massive aim is on acceptance and self-reflection. In Center Japanese nations around the world, there is a big reliance on household and social support, religion, and religious methods via the divine. In Africa and Latin The united states, neighborhood aid,  natural treatments, and spiritual or religious methods are extremely common. 

I expert and learned several modalities and continue on to use what performs very well for me and my purchasers. I was extremely fascinated by resetting the vagus nerve, medicinal CBD, shamanism, drumming, and breathwork and they worked like magic for me. There is no appropriate or erroneous in what therapy or modality that you do. The most critical thing is finding what is effective greatest for you and persistently practising them. Mental health and fitness is not a just one-off action, it is a continuous apply. 

Our function at Breathe Into Peace is blending in the overall body (breathwork and anxious program treatment), intellect (journaling), and spirit (belief method) and indeed, it has been shaped by a variety of modalities and cultures across the environment. 

You advocate for holistic techniques more than medicine for handling stress. For someone new to this concept, could you share a uncomplicated conscious breathing work out or beginning position?

Nervousness prescription drugs operate by affecting the brain’s chemical stability to reduce indicators of stress, worry, and in some cases, despair. These remedies can vary in how they achieve this influence, concentrating on diverse neurotransmitters or receptors in the mind.

In general, it is changing your anxious system with chemical compounds, which on the other aspect is how respiratory workout routines can do as well. When we do mindful respiratory routines, it stimulates our vagus nerve and slows down our heart level.

We advocate that you start off with pursed lip respiratory is an effective and simple breather exercise that can endorse rest and aid you to really feel emotionally balanced.

Here’s how it performs:

  • To practise Pursed Lip Breathing, start by making your mouth into an O condition and exhaling slowly and gradually for 8-10 seconds 
  • Then, naturally, breathe in as a result of your nose.
  • When you exhale, the strain from the little hole in the pursed-lip results in an opening of airways in the lungs and brings in much more oxygen.
  • Repeat this procedure 5-10 times

Navigating the psychological wellbeing area will come with its set of problems. Could you share some hurdles you’ve encountered even though escalating your enterprise and how you have defeat them?

We have overcome a large amount of hurdles from criticism from other people, value factors, and rejections from outlets to inventory our merchandise.  My workforce and I worked relentlessly to ensure we experienced good customer assist and solutions, and we dealt with criticism pretty delicately.

Navigating criticism delicately will involve actively listening devoid of rapid defence, sustaining composure, and in search of clarification to recognize the suggestions absolutely. Evaluate the criticism objectively, acknowledging legitimate points although expressing your viewpoint calmly and respectfully if vital.

Thanking the critic for their input, regardless of agreement, demonstrates maturity and professionalism. Embrace criticism as an chance for development, reflecting on how it can inform individual and expert growth. 

To get the proper value level, we had to get the job done on comprehension our goal prospects, and our suppliers, and economical preparing and forecasting. The selling price point is seriously vital, as this can crack or accelerate your business. 

Rejections are pretty typical. I took on rejection therapy and didn’t just take anything personally. From each and every rejection, I opened a dialogue and realized about my buyers at a further stage. I thanked every rejection and have turned quite a few clinics/stores into our faithful consumers. 

As a effective entrepreneur in the mental overall health place, what advice do you have for others seeking to make a constructive affect on society’s well being, significantly in difficult the hustle culture?

As a successful entrepreneur in the psychological health and fitness area, my information for other folks aiming to make a favourable affect on society’s effectively-getting, specifically with the problems of hustle society, is to prioritise stability, authenticity, and sustainability.

To start with, prioritise your own properly-remaining and mental health. Take common breaks, practice self-care, and set boundaries to avoid burnout. Don’t forget that your success as a transform-maker is straight connected to your have psychological health & perfectly-getting.

Next, tactic your perform with authenticity and empathy. Pay attention to the requirements of your concentrate on viewers and community, and develop remedies that genuinely handle their challenges and considerations. Authenticity fosters belief and link, which are crucial for earning a significant impression.

Thirdly, problem the norms of hustle culture by marketing a healthier solution to success. Emphasise the importance of function-existence harmony, self-compassion, and rest as vital parts of productivity and fulfilment. Direct by example by prioritising your individual effectively-remaining and encouraging your staff to do the same. You can also leverage outsourcing and engineering to get the job done in your zone of genius and not do every little thing on your possess. 

Last of all, prioritise sustainability in both your business enterprise techniques and the alternatives you provide. Contemplate the extended-time period impact of your products and solutions and providers on individuals, communities, and the surroundings. Sustainable techniques not only lead to societal perfectly-becoming but also be certain the longevity and good results of your undertaking in the extended run.

By prioritising harmony, authenticity, and sustainability, entrepreneurs in the mental health house can make a long lasting and positive affect on society’s perfectly-staying although challenging the destructive elements of hustle culture.

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