Do Negative Thoughts Become Reality (Crazy Facts)

Human beings are known for their survival instincts. For centuries, our brains have evolved, so we can be aware of the threats that may happen sooner or later. But the question is, do negative thoughts become reality? It has been a burning topic for years now! In this article, I will explain to you some crazy facts about negative thoughts that are going to blow your mind!

Negative thoughts can do two things. One, create a series of stress and anxiety. And two, trick our brain into creating a false reality. Always remember, we are what we feed our brains. So, when we get occupied with negative thoughts, we create illusions that can manipulate our mind. For this reason, we get triggered to focus on the negativity of life.

Try to remind yourself how much of the stress is actually needed, when you are thinking negatively. When thoughts start to cycle through your mind, you can fall into a loophole. It becomes more and more difficult every second to return to true consciousness. To know how the negativity in your head can consume you and make a false sense of reality, check out the facts below.

Some Facts on How Negative Thoughts Affect You And Your Reality

As discussed before, negative thoughts can greatly impact your mind, body and your perception of reality. Here are some ways negative thoughts can affect you.

Negative thoughts Can Reconstruct Your Reality

When we focus on the bad thoughts, our brain starts to embed those thoughts deep within our unconscious mind. Next thing you know, within time, you would start believing all your negative thoughts, as facts. Once that starts happening, it becomes very difficult to identify which thoughts are true and which are not.

Our brains are very tricky to handle at times like this. Whatever objects you put more focus on in your life, your brain will make you believe that is possible to get. It works only because, by our thoughts, we can control our reality directly or indirectly. The reality, in this case, is your own perception of the world.  Negative thoughts would create a negative reality by manipulation.

Thoughts Directly Influence On How You Behave And Feel

If you keep thinking “I am not good enough”, “I am ugly”, “I don’t deserve happiness” or something remotely negative, you would start believing it eventually. Your mind will play tricks on you that would make you believe something that is not even true. These thoughts that you would have of yourself, will force you into trusting something that does not make sense.

Maybe you are good at what you do, but it is your lack of trying that is making all your thoughts come true. Maybe you are one of the prettiest girls in the room, but it is your lack of confidence that is making you feel invisible to others. Also, no matter who you are, you absolutely deserve happiness. So, if you see, it is always your thoughts vs. the reality of the situation.

Negative Thoughts Can Build Up Stories In Your Head

Do Negative Thoughts Become Reality (Crazy Facts)

Before explaining, you have to understand what a stream of consciousness is. It can be defined as a train of thought. I believe you have noticed how when we talk to ourselves in our minds, we tend to flow from topic to topic in an unorganized manner. That is a stream of consciousness. It is like creating a distorted story with various thoughts that are triggered by some details.

When this train of thought is started by negative thoughts, it will continuously add up more thoughts and create a story in your head. For example- if you are thinking about an embarrassing story that happened recently, your mind will add up more embarrassing stories that happened in the past. Hence, it creates a series of stories that are embarrassing for you.

It Limits Your Possibilities

When you focus more on what might go wrong, you also limit yourself from thinking about what can go right. If you do not look at the bright side, the dark side will most definitely consume you. It can be about anything- your future, your relationships, your workplace, or even about yourself as a person. When you focus on the bad, the good will not follow.

As stated, it all depends on how you treat yourself and your mind. Your mind is the place that can bring bursts of sunshine to your life, but to achieve that, you have to work towards it. When you make up stories or sum up inaccurate simulations of reality, you are limiting yourself from the actual reality. It not only makes things worse for you, it will also make you more delusional.

Less Clarity of Mind and Reality

If you let negative thoughts take over you, then you might not even notice how it is blurring your visions about life. It will make you so occupied that your sense of reality will become a distant phenomenon. You will start living in your thoughts without realization. When this happens, people often forget the fact that reality lies outside and their thoughts do not make up reality.

Your mind becomes your home and your thoughts become your owner. You will make up your own stories and ‘realities’ that will not necessarily be true. You will be a less energetic person physically because your brain will use all your energy for making up negative thoughts. It will eventually lower your self-esteem and make you feel that you are not in control of your own life.

How to Stop Negative Thoughts?

It is difficult to get back on track if you are occupied by negative thoughts. Although, it is very much possible. You can follow these two very effective small tips that are proven to help people with similar cases. It will make you feel good about yourself, while keeping you aware of your thoughts. It is the best of both worlds; for your body and your mind. 

Tip 1- Exercise

A healthy body is a home for a healthy mind. Multiple scientific studies have suggested that exercising is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself. It releases Endorphins, which are also known as ‘Feel Good Hormones’. It triggers positive feelings in the body and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. So invest your time in exercising, it will bring good results.

Tip 2- Keep a Journal

It is believed, if one is conscious of their thoughts, then they can be more in charge of what they feel. Keeping a journal for that is a good idea. You can write your thoughts when you feel sad, and later review them when you feel okay. It will give you the idea of how much your thoughts were keeping you away from the actual reality. Make sure you evaluate and take steps.


It might have sounded bizarre at first because it is weird to think thoughts can create a reality. However, if you notice, all of our realities are different from one another. There is an actual reality outside, and another one is present inside our minds.

Keeping the two different realities parallel can be a bit difficult when you are always negatively perceiving your interactions with the world. Hope you can find peace within yourself and have the ability to think positive thoughts every day, because now you know the answers to- do negative thoughts become reality.

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