Do You Need a Plan of Action?

So many people talk about action plans when it comes to achieving happiness. They set out clear steps, saying that if you follow those rigorously, you will be happy. Guaranteed. Well, I have both bad and good news for you. The bad news is that almost none of them work. You can ask, quite rightly so, what is the good news then?

Well, it’s simple. Those plans won’t work, because they aren’t tailored to your wants and desires. They aren’t tailored for your path. They are generic, and yes, parts of them are relevant to you, but they can never be 100%. And, because of that, you might end up trying tons of them, combining them all, to see what works for you. None of them work on their own, right?

And that’s where the good news lies. They don’t have to work. Why? Because in order for you to create your own action plan and achieve success and happiness (or whatever other goal you have), you need to tailor those steps yourself. As long as a part of that particular plan works for you, you can implement it into your own action plan. Who says you can’t tweak it though?

One of them says that you should write down what you truly desire, but you are a visual person. You don’t like numbers, words and figures, but if you have a clear image in mind, then you can work towards that easily. Well, who stops you from changing that step and making it your own? Instead of writing down the price of the house you want to buy, find a picture of your dream home.

Of course, sometimes it isn’t this easy and straightforward. To create your own action plan, you need determination, perseverance and a little patience. Okay, a lot of patience. You might not even have figured out what you truly want, so how do you go about getting it?

You can get lost so easily among the myriads of sample plans out there and lose your motivation to achieve your goals. So many people are ready to tell you what to do, how, and when. But is that truly what you need? Did you start reading this article to get the hundredth (or thousandth) set of steps to create your plan of action to help you achieve your goals?

Maybe. But what if I told you that you already have everything you need to succeed? You can make your plan simple, if that’s what suits you, or you can pack it full of action. I won’t tell you which path to choose, purely because I don’t know you. And neither do all the other writers who created those lists you went through.

Only you know yourself, and only you can decide what works for you. Yes, there will be errors along the way, and you will find that not everything works for you. But eventually, you will find the steps to take. Just remember: your goals are yours alone, so you already know how to achieve them. All you need is belief in yourself and in your dreams. The necessary steps will follow.

Trust your intuition. It will guide you through the confusing web of tips and steps that are out there. Remember to keep an open mind, be creative, but most of all, be yourself. Your plan of action can be as short and simple or as long and complex as you like. Whatever helps to keep you motivated and inspired throughout your journey towards your goals.

You have everything you need to succeed and trust me, you have already taken more steps towards your goal than you know. You made the decision to succeed, right? You also started your research. You might even have an idea of what you want to keep from all the advice you were given, and what to chuck in the bin. My advice for you today is this: don’t be afraid to tailor your own action plan to your own needs. Remember that you already have the answers, even if you have to dig a little deeper for them. Have faith in yourself, and everything else will fall into place.

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