Does a Happy Man Cheat? (Secrets Behind It)

In a marriage or relationship, knowing everything going on in your partner’s mind is not as simple as it may seem. Even with happiness on the plate, temptations and flirtations make their way. And in this case, men are known to give in faster in comparison to women, as per usual observations. Sometimes men cheat, despite being happy with their partners.

Happy men do cheat. Happiness does not deter cheating if a man does not understand or care about the difference between morality and immorality. The reasons that influence these actions, excuses, and the perspective of a man when they cheat often puts a halt to their reasoning ability. And happiness cannot be enough to prevent all that.

There are men with values and loyalty. And the cheating traits differ from a man to another. However, the various signs and reasons stated in this article, are commonly found in cheating men. Give this article a read, if you are eager to know whether or not does a happy man cheat.

Does Happiness Stop a Man from Cheating?

It is important to understand that an individual with no morals will end up doing whatever they please, even if they are happy. It is the same for both genders. But if a man is willing to cheat, happiness in an existing relationship will not stop him.

Happiness can be obtained from anywhere. But morals are embedded traits that prevent a man from cheating even if he is not happy.

Usually, in relationships or marriage, even during shortcomings, women tend to stay back, not cheat, or get involved anywhere else until there is a break-up or divorce. Men, however, as per most results, do not necessarily need a toxic relationship to cheat.

I understand that sounds like a generalization, and no, not all men. But yes, if it is the case of cheating, then happiness is never a boundary that can keep a man’s intentions in line.

What Are Some Reasons Men Cheat, Even if They Are Happy?

There are a few scenarios that might be the cause behind a man cheating, even in a healthy relationship. I have listed below a few of those that lead to such situations where happiness often fails to suffice.

– Lack of Relationship Values

No amount of happiness can be sufficient if a man does not have morals and values. Understanding the value of a relationship and knowing the struggles to maintain it often lacks in men. If they do not understand the basic rules of being involved in a relationship or marriage, nothing can stop them, not even bursting happiness.

Even with a great life with a girlfriend or wife, a man will still engage his interest with other women, if there is no form of empathy for their existing committed involvement. There will also be no guilt involved- when there are no values, a man will not even be aware of where he is going wrong.

Sometimes, the trauma from the childhood of fighting or abusive parents might make a man not rely on a good going relationship. It means, he has not grown with proper relationship values and morals. In these cases, there might be a constant mistrust present in the man’s mind, even if the partner is a good person. Later resulting in flings.

– Urge to Explore: Regrets of the Chances Missed

Men often settle down and get married out of true love and loyalty. But, sometimes a man might marry you out of pressure. But even if it is love, he might later think that settling with one woman is a huge price to pay while he is missing out on the chance to explore.

They understand they want the current partner forever, but regret thinking of the other possibilities. The urge to explore then starts to invade their minds, even if the current love life is perfect. This urge that a man grows out of the regret of settling and not having to explore anymore is one of the common reasons why he may cheat.

– To Feel the Rush of a Teenager: Feelings of New Love

A man might cheat despite happiness in his life, just to feel like a teenager again. It is quite simple- do you remember the days as a teenager where you would sneak out and try not to be caught by your parents? And then getting to see your beloved and everything felt magical?

Yes, well, a man, even in a serious and settled happy relationship or marriage, will cheat for the sake of the rush of teenage life! – if that is what they want.

The cheating acts like sneaking back to younger days. It makes them feel like they are young or makes their life exciting because of the feelings of new love.

– Lack of Self Control

A perfectly happy relationship will fail to stop a man who does not understand his limitations. It will not matter how pretty a co-worker or female friend is if a man has morals and control over himself.

However, a man with no self-control will go ahead and cheat even with no attraction towards the other woman. It is out of weakness and inability to limit their desires, even with a loving girlfriend or wife in life.

– Past Relationships and Poor Self-Confidence

Sometimes, past toxic relationships keep some men in disbelief, even if he is very happy with his partner. The constant fear of things getting ruined will meddle with his thought process and then he might end up cheating to console his fears. 

One of the other many reasons is self-esteem. If a woman in a man’s life is more successful than him, he might become extremely paranoid trying to keep up. Having a more successful partner often results in cheating out of resentment.

A better-looking partner initiates jealousy and insecurity in some men, and even with happiness in the relationship, a man may end up cheating to feel more powerful and confident.

What are the Signs Indicating That a Man Might Be Cheating?

Does a Happy Man Cheat

Read about some common signs that might help you identify if the man in your life is cheating. But remember, if a man is happy and still decides to cheat, then the signs may be harder to detect.

Your instinct first and foremost is a sign itself. And the other signs include-

  • Coming home late regularly.
  • Excuses do not add up and feel like lies.
  • Always on the phone, even during intimate family events and private moments.
  • Trying to hide the phone when there are calls or messages incoming.
  • A rush to go out of the house at unusual times.
  • A slight behavior change and then an escalation of that.
  • Short negative remarks regarding your appearance.
  • Lack of concentration during private conversations.

Does Any Reason Justify If a Man Cheats?

Firstly, there are no reasons that can justify conscious cheating. However, sometimes men cheat as an action-reaction to their partner’s adultery. Even in that scenario, cheating is wrong and does not have any space for justification in any way.

There are situations where a man might be intoxicated and end up getting intimate with another person. But that solely depends on how you judge your man’s intoxication senses. Those particular situations often need some explanations of both sides.

However, men often flirt with other women and claim that as harmless flirtations. No flirtation is harmless if it is constantly done or is done in private. So, it is not justified whatsoever!


A common misconception when a woman finds her man happy in a relationship is thinking that he will never cheat. Besides being a process of months or days, cheating is often a split moment’s decision. Those moments of temptation often fail to prevent a man from cheating.

So, if you are still wondering, does a happy man cheat? Yes, he does. In the case of cheating, values and respect for existing relationships are way more important than the happiness a man feels.

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