Episode #204: Thoughts on Time Block Planning

In today’s episode, I share my thoughts on Time Block planning, a method suggested by Cal Newport, among others. I discuss pros, cons, and my own approach to daily planning. I also discuss my recent decision to entirely eliminate Reddit scrolling from my life!

Do you have thoughts or feelings about Time Block Planning? Or do have another method that you love? Please share!

Episode that inspired today’s Time Block Planning Discussion is here: Is Time Blocking Oppressive?

Past BLP ep with Cal Newport: here

Past BLP ep with Oliver Burkeman: here

Oliver Burkeman’s book: 4000 Weeks

Best Today with Shunta Grant episode mentioned: here

About Progress ep mentioned (with Catherine Price as guest): here

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Sarah Hart-Unger

mother of 3 // MD // south floridian // ESFJ // upholder.
into: planners, great food, running, reading, writing, mornings, podcasting, and coffee.

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