Feeling Better (Everyone!)

Feeling Better Everyone

I was so relieved to see a temp of 100.5 on the thermometer (and a tired, but not super-ill-appearing kid) this morning instead of 103! I think the antibiotic switch made a huge difference and I am no longer super anxious and distracted.

Nothing like a little pneumonia to bring some unwanted excitement into the summer. It is amazing how much other stressors seem so much less significant in the face of an issue like that.

Honestly, I am not one to get too worked up when my kids get minor illnesses. They are generally healthy and I know that these things are normal and just an expected part of life. BUT this one got my attention and I was so relieved to see things going in the right direction today. HOORAY for antibiotics!

NOW I can think about things like how the summer is going really really fast already (3 weeks of dance camp already over!) and how 2025 seems to be setting new records for Number of Dates Already on the Calendar when it’s not even July of the year prior. Ahh well. It’s all generally fun stuff.

In other news, C went to guitar camp this week! He is a very new player but I was totally impressed at what he picked up in just a short time. They are doing an all Green Day week, which cracks me up (songs I was blasting on my CD player in 1994 are living on!). He can sing on key while playing the guitar and he has just barely learned the chords! I think he is instinctively musical (honestly, all 3 kids sing very much on pitch) and I joked to Josh that CLEARLY we need more activities in this house and he should do something in music more consistently. (And really, he should! Will figure out how to fit it in.)

Feeling Better Everyone

I am also proud of him for jumping into this new activity. It is HARD to do that when you’re 10 (or 11, as the case was with Annabel and dance). I wish it wasn’t the case, but so many things are set up to have kids specialize so young and that can make it really intimidating to start later.

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