Five on a Friday: Feeling Peaceful

We’re going to do today’s Friday 5 as more of a coffee chat style than a list of recs/links. Here we go!

#1: I feel peaceful today!

Wow, maybe I didn’t realize how much pressure the usual hustle and bustle of the school year carries — because I feel this unexpected sense of relief today. Maybe this is amplified because the May/end-of-year period is just so filled with STUFF. Q3 is really and officially here and I am into it already.

#2: I felt inspired by a great podcast ep this morning

I listened to today’s Organize 365 episode – Pick Your Meaty Summer Project – and felt inspired AND validated. I also laughed as I had recorded my own summer-themed BLP episode earlier in the week and shared some ideas about this season, including my feelings that Summer Cleaning (as opposed to spring cleaning) should be a thing. Lisa and I definitely think alike.

#3: Possible album of the summer: CharliXCX brat.

I’ve been playing Ariana Grande’s latest on repeat lately when they don’t have other requests (kids like it, I like it, we are all happy) but I think it’s time for something new. I heard parts of 2 songs on this morning’s NPR All Songs and liked what I heard so far.

Yes, the album cover is supposed to look like a blurry 1990s graphic made in MS Paint or Print Shop. (Anyone else remember Print Shop? I would use that now. Oh wow it still exists!)

Five on a Friday Feeling Peaceful

#4 Weekend plans:

  • Take kids shopping for Father’s Day gifts
  • Longish run (Saturday) plus at least one strength training session
  • Declutter SOMETHING
  • Read lots of Still Life
  • Not much else. We are working on being less ridiculous about restaurant spending so I don’t think we will eat out other than maybe one night of takeout.

#5 Hive Update

G’s face is improved (yay) but hives continue. Most cases are not caused by anything obvious but we are taking her for testing (blood, not skin) Monday. Which will be not very fun but at least it’s at my workplace. Grateful that Zyrtec helps and glad we formally got in with the allergy specialist, sometimes it can be tempting to just ‘curbside’ because it’s easy to do that to start with, but honestly there’s something comforting about being an actual patient and having a plan. I kept thinking they would go away and I didn’t want to overreact but it has been 2 months and it was time.

PS: I just got a notification that C’s basketball camp for next week is . . . cancelled. With no alternative camp offered! GAHH! Guess he may get an additional week of less structure. Ahh well. He can play basketball in our driveway . . .

HAPPY end-of-school for those of you on a similar calendar and for those a few weeks behind – I promise, it’s coming!!!

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