Follow Your Heart, No Explanations Needed • A Fool’s Journey

Ever feel like torching the road not taken?

Lately, I’ve been in the mood to shake things up, rearrange parts of my life, and follow my heart. Solid decisions, right? But here’s the kicker: I don’t need to burn bridges to build new ones. I don’t even need to have it all figured out or be able to explain every choice. It’s about feeling the path, not analyzing it to death.

The cards for next week have some intriguing insights.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook: Two of Wands – choices are on the horizon.
Advice: Knight of Wands and King of Swords reversed – follow your heart, but don’t shut any doors just yet. [Deck: Legacy of the Divine]

Follow Your Heart No Explanations Needed • A Fools Journey

It’s a time of sorting things out. Are your actions aligned with your beliefs? Do you feel good about your choices? Is your life a reflection of your heart’s desires?

That alignment is crucial. But remember, you don’t need a complete overhaul.

You can say ‘no’ when you need to, without elaborate explanations or justifications. You don’t owe anyone a reason for your choices or a recount of past grievances.

No need for reasons or explanations.

DALL·E 2024 06 16 17.52.34 A tranquil forest path that splits into two directions symbolizing choices and decisions ahead. The scene is serene with lush greenery dappled sunli

And definitely no need to convince anyone else. Just live true to that inner compass, let it guide you, and everything else will fall into place.

Are you choosing some new paths?

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