Grateful today for . . .

1- My velocity exercise went perfectly!! I’m nearing the conclusion of my instruction cycle and will be satisfied to get a break from fighting the heat in a for a longer time velocity exercise routine shortly. But today’s operate went nicely even if I did have to dump h2o in excess of my head concerning intervals. I *thought* perhaps I was sensation some achilles soreness afterwards but it feels fantastic now. (So . . double gratitude?)

2- The sub sandwich I just inhaled. In all probability related to the run but OMG never has a BLT tasted so very good. (Introducing pickles + pickled jalapeños helped as well.)

3- I am on phone BUT not at night time. It has been really active but contact for the duration of times only is an fully different working experience from 24/7 call. I get a person week a year coated by a provider who is effective at a satellite place of work and I (strategically) chose this week because I definitely didn’t want to be on get in touch with on Mother’s Day. (The provider covering is a father, but ideally his spouse can even now have a lovely Mother’s Working day even if he has to get the job done some).

4- YOU ALL, enjoy the email messages and recommendations I am however obtaining on prolonged-expression tasks.

5- Our climate has been scorching but not stormy. I’m positive the rain/lightning is coming but it has been pleasant to maintain onto considerably less tumultuous temperature just a little bit longer. Soccer tryouts are this week and C is accomplishing lacrosse too and not actively playing lightning alarm roulette (which we often appear to reduce . . .) is terrific.

Grateful today for
I am facet-eyeing the “96” though. Wow. FL is hot but contrary to sites like AZ, we essentially really do not approach/hit triple digits that normally! It is additional that our lows stay significant and it is humid.

6- Podcasts. Two standouts from today: the MicroCAST (this is the team wherever I do my run coaching) – “How to DNF Your 1st Ultra” + About Progress‘s Rachel Hollis Deep Dive (Monica is considerably extra compassionate to Rachel than other resources I have found though still giving criticism the place suitable, and I observed it refreshing!). PS: regardless of discovering the Microcosm podcast appealing, I have no strategies to operate an extremely. I will go away that to Jenny!

7- Josh took over the morning currently!! Morning is normally a tag crew he’ll get items started off and then I just take about at a sure point and generate the kids. He usually drives as soon as a week on Thursdays, BUT with my prolonged work out this AM I questioned him to swap the working day to these days and it worked for him. SOOOO I was in a position to just depart the early morning to him and get well a little little bit + consume an true breakfast at dwelling in advance of heading to function. Because I’m on get in touch with, I was capable to get in at 9 which meant a much later on “leave the house” time than common. Which is why I sense reasonably alive in spite of my run this AM!

(Would I Convert DOWN a nap if one was possible ideal now? I would not. But I’m also alright without having just one!)

Alright, I was aiming for 10 but have to get back again to perform. Any (small or massive) matter you are grateful for right now? I’m absolutely sure I could occur up with some gripes much too but harmful positivity aside, I feel I’d relatively just enjoy what is working right now.

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