How Can an Almost Relationship Come Back to Me? (It’s Possible)

“Almost Relationship” is the grey area of relationships. The lines of commitment and exclusivity are blurred, but the feelings are at an all-time high. Yet you don’t have the “conversation” because you are afraid that what you have now might end.

While you stretch out the almost relationship as best you can, somehow the spell breaks on its own. The relationship fizzles out and leaves you with no closure. After the fall, you might wonder, will an almost relationship come back? 

From my experience, yes, an almost relationship can come back. With a few steps and good decision making from your end, you can revive your almost relationship.

This article should provide you the proper guidance on how to rekindle an almost relationship. Read on to learn more. 

Will An Almost Relationship Come Back?

In most cases, almost all relationships end the way it started. There is no starting point, and there is no ending point. Since they are so vague, there is no telling how things will pan out. That is why there is so much anguish when an almost relationship does not work out. 

You never know how to let go because there is always hope. But instead of leaving things to chance or fate, it is better to take action. 

The best way to tell if your almost lover will come back is to discern how you guys ended. Whether an almost relationship can be rekindled or not depends on the end. If things did not end on a bad note, then there is a chance for reconciliation. 

With the right conversations, dates and vibe, the power of memories and love can bring back your almost lover to you. But if the almost relationship was toxic and ended on a bad note the chances of rekindling are low. 

After you understand what went wrong, you will be able to figure out what to do to revive the almost relationship. 

How Can I Rekindle an Almost Relationship?

1. Erase the Blurred Lines

You act like lovers without truly belonging to each other. There is no clarity, no accountability and no commitment. The lines of what you can and cannot do in an almost relationship are blurred. 

You do not want to overstep the boundaries of an almost and real relationship. You are afraid that one wrong step will scare them away. But what happens, when you did everything “right” but it still ended? 

When the relationship ends, there is nothing to fear or lose. So, if you want one last chance at making it work, why not erase the blurred lines of almost relationships. 

A sincere confession can go a long way, even after everything ends. When you finally let go of your fear of rejection, you will feel liberated. Your heartfelt confession may change the way your almost lover views you.

Erase the blurred lines and let them know that you want the real deal. You may get rejected or your almost lover may have a change of heart. Maybe he/she will think things through again and decide to give it one last try. 

2. Learn to Give Space

Sometimes almost relationships don’t work out because the time is not right. Sometimes it does not work out because both individuals are not in the right frame of mind to settle down. If that is the case, it is best to give the other person space. 

Again, because of the vagueness of almost all relationships, you may feel insecure. You may feel a sense of urgency to speed things up. But your partner may not be on the same page as you. 

Your almost lover may feel pressured by your constant attention. If he/she ended things or started ignoring your messages, it is best to leave them be.

Give them space. Let them figure things out, grow on their own. If that isn’t the case at least let them miss your existence. 

Maybe space apart will make them realize that they liked having you around. Maybe they will want to come back for more.

3. Reign in Your Insecurities

While trying to get back your almost relationship, you do not want to reek of desperation. It is your insecurities that drive you to the point of desperation. 

Your insecurities about yourself and the relationship can project in your speech, action and vibe. When that happens, your almost relationship will not work nor come back. Because for a commitment to take place, you first need to be self-assured. 

Again, your insecurities can cause you to overthink and jump to false conclusions. It may lead you to make rash decisions or give up your plight.

So, reign in your insecurities. If you do not feel self-assured at least fake it till you make it. Your almost lover might find you more reliable that way and rethink the breakup. 

4. Grow On your Own

Try to figure out why your almost relationship did not work out. When you figure out what went wrong in the past, you will know not to repeat the same mistakes the next time around. 

Try to learn from the failed relationship and grow. Especially when you are giving your partner space, you should take the time to work on yourself. 

When you strive to become the best version of yourself, you will indirectly influence the people around you to do so too. It shows that you can change for the better. This is a desirable trait in a partner because everyone wants to be with someone who will bring out the best in them. 

When your almost lover sees the change in you, he/she may start viewing you differently. They might be interested to get to know the new you. 

5. Go Cold Turkey

When all fails, go cold turkey. Completely cut off connections on social media. Take a break from everything. 

Sometimes people fail to see what is right in front of them. Absence can jolt them back to reality. This can happen to your almost lover too. 

Maybe walking away is the right decision. Maybe your almost lover will start missing you, will start wondering how you are. Maybe they will send you a text. 

6. Send the Right Message in The Right Time

Sending the right text at the right time can do wonders. But, when is the right time to leave a text?

If you see your almost partner excel, now is the time to send them a congratulation text. Always send texts that are supporting and encouraging. If they share anything interesting on their social media or something that you both had in common, text them about it.

Text them when they seem down. Instead of actively pursuing them, try to be a good listener. Start a conversation once in a while and see how it goes


A relationship that was about to be yet didn’t is truly painful. As, sometimes it can be difficult to let go of what could be. All your dreams and aspirations about “what could have been” can keep you awake for nights. It is better to face the harsh truth than dwell in uncertainty.  

So, if you have any regrets left, it is best to try to get back with your lover and be more open about your feelings. What happens after that should be for the better. Whether he or she accepts your feelings doesn’t matter. At least you will have closure.

I hope this article gives you a clear answer to your question “will an almost relationship come back?” Thanks for stopping by. And best of luck.

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