How Do You Find Your Lost Motivation?

How do you find the motivation you lost along the way?

By re-committing to your goal. You need to go back to the beginning of your journey and remember what made you choose this path in the first place. What motivated you? Now, look at the point when you lost that motivation. Was it because you haven’t achieved your goal as quickly as you thought you would? You need to let go of the notion of how it’s supposed to happen, and trust that it will. You just need to know the steps to take and carry on, the Universe will take care of the rest.

What is motivation?

Motivation is the motor that propels you forward. Or, in other words, it’s what fuels your drive to achieve more in life. Whether you want success, wealth, a better lifestyle or happiness, motivation is what you need to take the necessary steps towards your goals.

How do people lose their motivation?

It’s easy to feel motivated when you first start out on your journey. You might be inspired by a health guru who tells you how to eat healthier food. They might even tell you what happens if you don’t. Yes, scary stuff can motivate you as much as the positive outcome – if not more.

You start taking the steps and you feel proud of yourself. You achieve smaller goals, moving towards that big goal. But what many people don’t realize is that motivation is like food: if you don’t keep getting it, your supplies will be depleted sooner or later.

We think of motivation as something we only need to begin our journey, when in fact, starting a new program is the easiest part. It seems like a big and hard decision, yes, but that’s because we already are in the mindset that we won’t succeed.

What’s the difference between success and failure?

The easy answer is whether you can find that motivation again or not. It’s a question of whether you can re-commit to your goal and to the path you are on towards it, or not.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes you aren’t achieving your goal, because you are on the wrong path entirely. In those cases, you need to find the motivation to step off and then step onto the right path. Admitting failure is hard, but sometimes it’s necessary in order to achieve our goals in the end.

I know you want all the answers. But I’m not going to be able to tell you whether your path is supposed to be yours or not, or whether it will lead to success. But you can decide that for yourself, by the way it makes you feel deep inside.

Examine your actions for the day. What steps did you take towards your goal? Did they feel light, or did they weigh you down? If you felt like this was the last thing you wanted to do, but it was necessary, because this is your only way to your goals, then it’s more than likely that you aren’t on the right path.

You see, when we are working towards fulfilling our true potential, everything we do should fill us with energy and that almost childlike anticipation.

So, how do I get that energy back?

By letting go. We tend to fall into the trap of wanting to know exactly how and when our success is going to happen. We want to organize every detail and be in charge of it all, because we feel like if we don’t, then someone will sabotage us.

But think about the amount of pressure you are putting on yourself by thinking this way. If you are an athlete and you have everything figured out for your big day, and it ends up raining, what will you do?

The reason why we need to let go of the idea that we need to control every aspect of our success is because we simply can’t. There are so many factors outside of our control, that if we keep focusing on them, they overwhelm us, making us lose our motivation and we will probably never get it back.

Trust yourself and trust the Universe. Ask your higher self what would it take to become successful (or whatever goal you set for yourself), and then listen to the answer. The Universe will guide you towards it, but it will rarely tell you how or when it will happen. All you need is the reassurance that it will happen when the time is right.

Try to be reasonable with yourself. You know you are on the right path, because it feels light and it fills your soul with passion and fire. If it doesn’t, go back to the beginning again and find that spark. Keep looking for it. If necessary, keep changing your path.

Whatever you do, always go back to that feeling of lightness, because that’s the energy of the Universe coursing through your system. And if you ever lose it, try asking the question again and the answer will always find you if you listen carefully enough…

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