How Does Motivation Work for Our Daily Life?

If you want to succeed in life, you have to be motivated to achieve your goals. A motivated person can achieve his goals even if he faces obstacles on his way. Now, you are probably thinking what motivation is and how motivation works?  

In this article, I will be talking about motivation, the types of motivations, and how it works for our daily life.  

Motivation is the first step to achieve life goals. Daily motivation can help a person to overcome everyday challenges and gradually reach the desired goal.  

Motivation works differently for different people. Some people are motivated by money or materialistic rewards. On the contrary, some people are driven by self-satisfaction. No matter what your goals are, you have to keep yourself motivated. Here is all about motivation and how it works in daily life.

What Is Motivation?

Before you get to know about how motivation works, you need to know what motivation is.

In simple words, it is the desire to achieve life goals. It influences our willingness and action to achieve the goals of our life. Motivation pushes people to do something. It can influence both long-term and short-term goals. It is an emotion that compels people to take action like getting groceries from the market or becoming the president of a country.  

Motivation makes a person enthusiastic to fulfill a goal and achieve a reward. The rewards can be materialistic or personal satisfaction. Various factors like biology, social values, emotions, and cognitive forces influence the motivation in our life.  

People often confuse happiness and motivation. They think that happiness motivates people. But, sometimes, anger and frustration can motivate a person to work hard. On the other hand, a satisfied person may not work hard to achieve more goals. 

For example, a worker who is happy and satisfied may not work hard to achieve his company’s goal. He is already satisfied with what he got. However, a worker who wants to perform well and has a goal in mind can have the motivation to reach the goal. He may or may not be happy while working for the goal, but when he reaches his goal, he will feel happy and accomplished.

Different Types Of Motivation

The source of motivation for people can be different. People often talk about two types of motivations. They are intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. 

Intrinsic Motivation:

This modification comes from within a person. People get intrinsic motivations when they work only for their mental satisfaction such as solving a puzzle or writing a beautiful poem. These little tasks create a sense of achievement.

It can also be something like participating in a running competition because winning gives the winner happiness. 

Extrinsic Motivation:

Extrinsic motivation is quite different from intrinsic motivation. It is the type of motivation to get involved in activities that rewards money or other forms of materialistic rewards. Also, it can be the motivation to behave or take part in activities to avoid negative consequences. 

Sometimes people have to participate in activities that are not satisfying or entertaining. They need to participate in such activities because the reward is important. One of the examples can be giving tests to pass it. Studying or giving exams is not entertaining, but still, students have to give exams to get a mark that helps them academically. 

Students are also extrinsically motivated when they do their homework to avoid punishments from their teacher and parents.  Or, parents and teachers can extrinsically motivate them by offering toys and chocolate as a reward for their hard work.

How Does Motivation Work In Daily Life?

What drives a person to get up early in the morning? How do people work so hard every day?

It is the motivation for completing the task of daily life or achieving the ultimate goal of one’s life. Without motivation, it is impossible to fulfill the purpose of life or career. The action of daily life can influence a person’s main objective in life. From doing homework to losing weight, every task and activities in life need motivation 

Fulfilling daily activities can be entertaining or frustrating, but the end goal is the satisfaction of completing a task in both cases. For example, if someone wants to be a world-famous football player, he must work hard every day. He has to be motivated every day to go to the field to practice, do exercises in the gym to stay fit, and eat healthy food.

Practicing and exercising every day for a long time requires a lot of energy. It is not always fun. But what keeps the person going on? It is his motivation to become a world-famous footballer. Becoming a famous footballer can only bring him happiness, and the pain will not matter.  

Motivation in daily life helps people to use time more efficiently. Thus, people can be more productive and organized in their career or business. A motivated worker will never slack off in the workplace. A worker can be motivated to work if he is sure of a reward for his hard work. The desire to achieve something can motivate a person to work relentlessly every day.

Motivation is important for both teachers and students. Teaching is a noble job. Teachers can play an active role in a student’s life by motivating them to learn. They also need the motivation to teach. They are motivated by teaching new things to the students. They get salaries, but the teachers get more motivated by sparking creativity in the students.

On the other hand, students get motivation from teachers to become more active and achieve their goals. The goal in student life is to learn and make a good result that can lead to a successful career. Doing homework every day, and learning new things requires motivation. And, the students get the motivation for studying from their teachers and families. 

Motivation is also significant to maintain good health. If you want to lead a healthy life, you will be motivated to eat healthy food and avoid junk food. Healthy and nutritious food may not be tasty to eat. But, you have to eat a healthy diet to stay healthy. 

As you can see, motivation always works in our life daily. It influences our emotions and actions to complete activities of daily life. Lack of motivation in everyday life can cause depression and aimlessness in one’s life. That is why it is also necessary to stay motivated every day.

Harmful Motivation

Motivation is great as long as it helps you to achieve your goals and create a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. But, sometimes too much motivation can cause harm.

People who are too extrinsically motivated will overwork themselves for the reward they are promised. For example, a worker may start neglecting his personal life for work for money or promotion even if he is stressed. Also, some workers can be motivated to work hard in fear of losing their job or face punishments. 

Similarly, people who are too intrinsically motivated may stay busy doing things that entertain them and forget about productive work. They might be motivated to solve the puzzle or complete a difficult level in a video game. These activities are mentally satisfying but they do produce value.  


By now, I hope you have learned about motivation, and you got the answer to how motivation works. Motivation is essential to achieve any skills or goals in life.

Success is impossible without it. The motivation you get in daily life can lead you to the path of your ultimate success.  

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