Learn How Long Does It Take to Get Over a Crush (Tips to Recovery)

Having a crush on someone is not within our control. It is a spontaneous action of our heart that does not give a person the chance to fathom the consequences beforehand. Getting over a crush is possible but only if you are trying to do so. Otherwise, it might last for a good amount of time. But, exactly how long does it take to get over a crush?

It takes a minimum of four months to get over a crush. Less if you avoid seeing them. If you grew feelings for them virtually, your constant stalking might result in your crush lasting for years. Either way, to get over your crush, you will need to maintain a few things to prevent turning into a one-sided lover. 

Is your crush in a relationship? Are you certain that your crush will not be a part of your future, and do you want to get over it? Worry no more, you are in the right place. In this article, I talk about how long a crush lasts and how to get over them. I also mention the reasons why it gets hard to move on, read, and perhaps avoid doing it. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Steps to Take to Get Over Your Crush Faster

Sometimes a little guidance is all you need to get over troubled times. The same goes for getting over a crush. Here are some tips that have helped me personally. And, I’m sure they’ll help you as well.

Divert Your Mind with Work or Studies or Self-care

If you know for sure that this is a dead-end, start concentrating on other things such as work and your academic life. You should put more mind into yourself. You will see that you are more occupied with fixing your own life to be bothered about a crush, even if they are always near you.

Surround yourself with friends and even share about your crush with them to let it out of your system. Maybe this way you can avoid bottling the feelings.

Concentrate on Liking Someone Who Likes You or Meet New People

Rather than wasting your thoughts on someone you cannot be with, concentrate on a person who likes you and has perhaps confessed. You should invest your good vibes and feelings in someone who will not make the butterflies in your stomach feel like bad digestion in the end.

By being more respectful of the feeling of someone who doesn’t like you and being more occupied with someone who does, you can save yourself from emotional distress. Try meeting new people who have the same taste as you and are interested in a relationship too. This way you are also taking care of yourself, and preventing yourself from being hurt over a lost cause.

List All the Bad Things About Your Crush

Start to list the bad things about your crush and why it is likely to be bad for you. Even if your crush does not have bad habits, think of the behavior, attitude, or personality you don’t like. This is not to make the person look bad, but it is to help you conquer your mind that makes your crush look perfect and flawless. 

When you start to list the bad things and make your mind understand how it is bad for you in life, you will slowly be able to lose interest. 

Avoid Being in the Same Room as Them and Stop Communicating

If your crush is a colleague, classmate, or friend you meet every day, then try your best to ignore them when they are near you. How can you do that you ask? Communicate less and become least bothered about their life. If it is a friend, avoid those hangouts for a few days and work on your feelings. Try not to initiate any kind of contact.

If your crush is not a regular face you see, then take this chance and avoid gatherings they will be in. This way, “Out of sight, out of mind.” 

Stop Stalking Them and Asking People About Them

If your crush is your online friend or someone you randomly came across while using the internet, then the best way to move on is to block them. Blocking your crush bars you from stalking. If you do not want to block, ask a friend to do it for you. 

Until you stop stalking or stop being connected with them on socials, the feelings are likely to remain for years and eventually break you worse. As you get updated about your crush’s love life, you will be hurting yourself further. 

Do not ask mutual friends about him/her. That is also a way of stalking but you are getting information from someone else. 

Why Does It Get Hard to Move on?

If you are always obsessing over your crush, following their moves, stalking them- then my friend, this is why it gets hard to move on. Sometimes, even when someone’s crush is in a relationship, people don’t stop dwelling on it and getting upset about it. If you are doing this too, then you know why you cannot get over your ex. 

Often people tend to think in their minds that it is the last time they will think about their crush. As a result, they end up thinking about their crush every day, and thus moving on becomes even tougher.

Typically, when you have a crush on someone, it will last for four months at least. By the sound of it, four months does not seem that long. But it is long for those who suffer from their one-sided feelings, and when they realize that this crush has no future. 

If you have a crush over someone from your same class or work department, it is natural to cross paths with them regularly. And seeing them regularly might make it hard to get over them. The feelings get renewed every day as you get reminded all the time why you liked them in the first place. 

In this case, it cannot be said how long you will keep liking them. It will take as long as you are in the same place as them and not getting to move on at all.

On the other hand, a crush can also last for years. For example, you saw someone online and started liking him/her. As crushing online results in constant stalking, the crush takes time to go away. The more you check up on their activities, the deeper it gets and lasts long. 

Another example is if you suddenly grew feelings for a close friend with whom you meet every day or share a circle. Well, this case is the hardest as avoiding hangouts or friends is very tough. The feelings start to invade you again and again. Soon enough, you become obsessed with them and grow feelings of love. And this my friend, unfortunately, often lasts for years.


Crushing on someone is not in your power, but it is in your power to move on from them. The mentality that you are never going to find someone as good, is the first thing you should get over. There are plenty of people out there with tons of potential. And you should realize that before fixating on a single person.

And understanding that will reduce the time that will take for you to get over that person. Knowing how long does it take to get over a crush might not do any good.  But at least it will give you some hope that the way you’re feeling right now will end soon. Thanks for stopping by and wishing you a happy life.