How To Be Myself Around Others? 7 Easy Steps

You may often hear people telling you to be yourself when you’re around people. This may sound simple, but putting it into practice can be challenging. While it is not a major problem, it needs to be addressed.  So you might wonder, how to be myself around others?

Anyone who wants to learn how to be themselves around others should first figure out why it is so tough for them. Even in the most difficult moments, everyone should strive to embrace their true selves. It is essential to express oneself truly without fear of the judgments of others. Furthermore, being confident while talking also helps in this case.

Some people may require more than just confidence. Improving behavior may take a lifetime if the proper steps are not taken. Thus, after extensive research, I’ve compiled a list of procedures and suggestions to help you overcome your difficulties. Although it might take some time to implement these steps in real life, it will be worth it in the end.

Why It’s Difficult To Be Yourself Around Others

The main reasons people find it difficult to be themselves are a lack of confidence and honesty. It could be a result of their upbringing. Unfortunately, it results in a shift in their social behavior. The environment or the people in the area could also be factors.

Now, you might often fail to be honest with yourself. There’s nothing evil about it, but it does influence others and yourself to have a wrong impression of you. Your thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and preferences, may not be yours. It is especially true when you’re trying to become someone you want to be.

You may be trying to change or improve yourself by pretending to be someone you want to be. It is entirely okay until the actions do not satisfy you. Unintentional mistakes make it so difficult to be yourself. It is where the role of accepting yourself becomes important.

Sometimes, you may become afraid of others’ reactions to your opinions or words. It happens when you are not confident in yourself. You may believe that your honest opinions will push them away from you. Insecurities are a significant part of our lives, and it may take a while for us to get rid of them. 

You might find it hard to relax. It may happen when you find no deep connection between yourself and the people around you. You might find no similarities, so you prefer to pretend to be like someone else. It is not an issue if you do not fit in with just anyone and everyone. You find you prefer to be yourself with people you like, and it’s entirely okay.

Lastly, the environment or the people around you might prevent you from becoming yourself. It is not surprising that we experience so many bad influences in our lives. Such influences might lead you to become someone else. Among these people, some may forcefully ask you to change yourself. You might respond accordingly to avoid embarrassment. 

7 Tips On How To Be Yourself Around Others

How To Be Myself Around Others

Being your true self is always the best thing to do. But how do you let go of your bad habits and actually start? Well, here are some tips to help you out.

1. Find Out Who You are

The first step is to recognize yourself. It is necessary to think about yourself to learn about your likes and dislikes. If you dislike your past traumas, do not let them affect your present and future improvements. Also, pay attention to your weaknesses and strengths. It defines you even when you’re around others.

Everyone has a unique personality; find out yours through personality tests. Make sure others or the activities on the test do not influence you during the tests. Even if the results seem conflicting in terms of different topics, accept them.

2. Appreciate Yourself

Everyone is unique in their own way. Hence, even if you feel different from others, appreciate yourself. Be confident whenever you’re talking with others. Do not doubt yourself and tell yourself that you are not enough. Believing in yourself shows others that you know what you’re doing. 

Another way to appreciate yourself is to forgive yourself. If you made a mistake earlier around others, it is best to move on from the incident. Here, one mistake can affect future confidence. Forgiving is a positive gesture for accepting who you are.

3. Stop Overthinking

Besides appreciating yourself, try to avoid thinking negatively about yourself. It is something many people do when they assume that they’re not around other people. You should not be afraid of people judging you. It is because they may not be as judgmental as you think.

Instead of overthinking, try dropping assumptions about others. It may be possible that others are as insecure as you. They probably need you to start the conversation if you are more confident than they are. In most cases, it makes the situation much easier for them if you start being yourself.

4. Stop trying to make others like you

Remember that you should only do things to impress yourself, not others. Do not turn into someone others prefer talking with. It is worth noting that improving yourself is not a bad thing. But you should know that there are some boundaries, and it is not your job to please others.

Make sure you’re around the right people. As mentioned earlier, the right set of people will never let you be someone you’re not. People around you should learn to accept and respect you, no matter how differently you think.

5. Understand The Difference Between Sarcasm, Positive Criticism, And Other Comments

Not all types of judgments are negative. Thus, it is necessary to start to understand the difference between comments and questions. It will help you relax and improve accordingly. Besides, you can find out the areas where you need improvement.

For instance, your close friends or siblings might ask you to smile more. It does not promote negativity. Hence, you should tolerate it and make improvements. On the other hand, sarcasm should not lower your confidence level either. You should ignore it or consider it a joke. 

6. Look For Deep Connections With People

If you want to communicate with others like yourself, try to understand them. Look for connections between you and them. Find something common so that you can bond with them. But it is not always necessary to have an interesting conversation with everyone.

It does not matter if the conversation is short or ends with a boring topic. The achievement will be when you can freely communicate with others without any embarrassment. Moreover, you will be able to connect more with others.

7. Stand Up For Yourself

If you ever come across people who do not appreciate your true self, stand up for yourself. Some of them may ask you to change yourself or may put you in an uncomfortable situation. If you feel uncomfortable, speak up and express how you truly feel about it.

They could be bullies, so you need to act accordingly. Do not allow others to define you. Prevent hanging out with such people, or try correcting their assumptions. It will also help improve your confidence level.


We might ask ourselves how to be myself around others. It’s all about balancing your true self and your opinions with others around you. It may be difficult at first to speak up for yourself, but patience pays off. 

Hopefully, this article will help boost your confidence whenever you’re around others. Thank you for making it to the end. Have a good day!

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