How to Make a Cheating Boyfriend Feel Bad for What He Did?

In a relationship, it is safe to expect ups and downs. But one of the issues in a relationship that can completely wreck the trust is the disloyalty of one of the partners involved. Some people choose to forgive while some wish to make the cheating partner feel guilty. Are you willing to know how to make a cheating boyfriend feel bad?

If you are loving and affectionate, start becoming the opposite to him- cold and distant. Make him recall the days he spent running after you to convince you to become his girlfriend and promising to be loyal forever. You can also pretend to be unaware that he cheated, instead make him guilty by complimenting his loyalty and talking about your faith in him.

In this article, I will share some tips on how you can act with your boyfriend to make him feel guilty for his infidelity. If you are interested to know more, keep reading! 

How to Make a Cheating Boyfriend Feel Guilty?

There are so many ways to make a man feel guilty after he has cheated on you. But keep in mind, this will only have an impact if your boyfriend is willing to change and is remorseful about his actions. But if he thinks you are unaware, and if he is a proud unapologetic man, then he will not recoil at all. He will try his best to hide it. 

Perhaps you don’t want to break up just yet but want to teach him a lesson through some changes in behavior. 

If He Knows You Know

If your boyfriend’s cheating is out in the open and you both know about what he did, then these tips below will work-

Become Extremely Unaffectionate and Distant

If you were very affectionate to him, I suggest you become distant. It will shock him even though he knows he made a mistake. Men like being in denial even when they know their faults. Receiving a distant behavior from you will finally break his ice where he was thinking you have forgiven him.

When you act distant, he will realize that you may not have broken up, but you have not forgotten nor gotten over it. This will make him understand that reconciliation, for now, is nowhere near the table. 

Stop Being Aware of His Needs

Become unresponsive about his needs. Stop being concerned about what he has eaten, his health, and even his career. People in a relationship always end up depending on each other regarding daily activities. Thus, your unconcerned attitude will hurt him.

If you stop being aware of the things you used to take care of for him, it will make him realize how badly he has hurt you to make you stop. 

Remind Him of the Time He Was Trying to Win You

When he becomes restless about why you are not forgiving him, remind him about the time he promised you loyalty. Remind him how he has broken that trust and thus he deserves whatever demeanor you present him. 

If he is egoistic, sadly this will not bother him. But if he wants you in his life, he will feel guilty for what he promised but failed to deliver. 

Stop Informing Him About Your Daily Activities

Whether you live with him or not, don’t inform him about your daily activities or achievements. Stop initiating conversations. If he is ashamed of his actions, he will become broken to realize that he is losing you slowly.

As it is normal for partners to inform each other where they are going or are currently at, stop letting him know. When he comes home not finding you there or when he keeps calling or texting asking where you are, ignore him. 

Men think that women are always concerned about where their boyfriend hangs out. But the truth is men get bothered by it just the same and the intensity is much more. His unfaithful action has caused you to act like this and that will frustrate him.

If He Doesn’t Know You Know

If your boyfriend has no idea that you know about him cheating, then try these tips-

Compliment Him

Appreciate and compliment him every time you see him. Every little sweet gesture he shows, try to make it a big deal. The more you show love and appreciation, if he is a good man who made a mistake, he will realize how terrible he has been behind your back.

Good men will feel guilty when you treat them right. It will make them hate their actions and sometimes even push them to become the best version of themselves for you. 

Show Your Faith in Him

Besides complimenting, keep mentioning how you trust him and rely on him. Also mention that you believe he will never break your heart neither will ever be disloyal to you. The more you emphasize that, he will either confess or realize how unfaithful he has been.

If he loves you and does not want to lose you, the epiphany will make him guilty from the inside.

Ask About What He Will Do If You Cheat on Him

When men are unfaithful, sometimes they fear you will do the same with them. And for that, they project their actions on you, often imagining that you are also being disloyal behind their backs. 

Take advantage of that! If you know your boyfriend is cheating or has cheated but is hiding it, ask him what he will do if you cheat. Imagining it will also make him reflect on his actions, feeling remorse for your innocent trust in him.

Show Your Disgust Over People Who Cheat

Talk to him about a friend’s partner who has cheated and show disgust towards it. Put great emphasis on the fact that cheaters are hated and can never have enough justification for their actions. 

Mention how the circle you two hang out with also hate cheaters that will make him afraid of being caught. It might even stop him from repeating his mistake. Whether you stay with him after this or not, it will frighten him.

How to Know If Your Boyfriend Cheated or Is Cheating?

The signs of a cheating boyfriend are not always detectable. But the common way to identify is the behavior change. Notice if he has become disrespectful, is coming home late, not taking your calls, receiving calls outside while you two are together, and lying about his whereabouts. If yes, then he is cheating for sure.

On the other hand, notice if he has become clingy. Is he buying you gifts or spending more time than he ever would? It is probably because he is guilty and wants to treat you the best so that you don’t believe he cheated even if you were to find out. 

Although, treating you greatly does not always mean he has done something wrong, but you will be able to identify it by comparing it with his normal behavior. 

Should You Stay with Your Boyfriend After He Cheated?

Girl no! You must have heard, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” Well, it is true. 

Despite there being exceptions, my advice is you leave your boyfriend if he has cheated. If you feel that he has changed, let there be enough time you spend away from him and figure out your life without his presence. But if you don’t mind starting over with him, it has to be a fresh start, not a continuation.

Also, judge the way he has cheated on you. A “one-time” thing might sometimes have room for forgiveness. But when a person deliberately cheats and feels guilty only after you find out, it is best you pack your feelings and shut him out. 


So, how to make a cheating boyfriend feel bad? Become extremely cold if he knows you know, or start praising his pretentious loyalty if he is clueless that you know he cheated. One way or the other, he will feel guilty for his actions if he has even a bit of humanity in him.

I hope you got the answers you were seeking. Thanks for stopping by.

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