How To Pretend To Be Normal in Real Life?

Since birth, we’re conditioned to believe that anything out of the ordinary is frowned upon. “Fit in!” they yell. As if we’re not supposed to think outside the box. Now, for someone who has a difficult time with normal human emotions, pretending to be normal can be by far the hardest thing for them to master. 

Before you say, ‘’How can I pretend to be normal?’’, let me ask you a very significant question. Why do you think the others are normal? Is it the way they act? The way they talk? How do they carry themselves? Or is it the way they treat you? Not a hard question, right? But it is a lot to think about. 

Body language, the way people interact with one another when they’re feeling a specific emotion. These are all small details that you need to note down before setting foot on that path of being a normie. So let’s look at some of the ways you can pretend to be normal.

How Do You Act Like A Normal Person?

Human emotions are complicated. We’re all allowed to feel a certain way and sometimes we end up thinking about ourselves in a negative light. 

You can spend hours searching up and reading books on normal human behavior to help you go on throughout the day. It might seem difficult at first but you just need to find a way to enjoy it. 

The ultimate worst comes to shove when you’re constantly focused on acting normal. That way, you suddenly come across as a creature that is far from a normal human being. So what are the things you can practice to give off a more natural vibe?

If you’ve already built a small little world inside your head, you might want to push that aside for a bit. Acting normal is one of the initial and crucial steps that you need to excel at in this journey. So what are the ways you can act like a normal human being?

Get acquainted with others: What’s the one thing you see normal people with? Friends. They take them everywhere! From a trip to the grocery store to a cross-country getaway. Nothing reeks of normalization than having a clan of equally normal individuals to hang around with.

Turn your frown upside down and go for casual conversations: I know it’s hard coming up with topics to discuss. Especially when you can’t relate with the majority of the public. But in this handy-dandy, state of the art manual, I’ll be teaching you how to overcome that.

Before you go out of your way to have that small-talk, make sure you know what you’re doing. Smiling is always wonderful and it’ll leave you with great first impressions. But that is if you’re doing it correctly. Make sure you first go in front of a mirror and check whether or not you look like a creepy murderer while smiling.

Conversations are fine but don’t end up sharing too much. You’re making new friends so your views need to be as moderate as possible.  Be respectful of each other’s preferences and you’re good to go.

You don’t have to care about what they’re saying. Just smile and agree. Nodding is always an A-Class move. It’s a sure-fire way to make them feel validated. And once you’re mastered this art, you’ll fit right into that other people’s notion of being normal.

How To Mold In With The Rest Of The Environment?

If you’re living inside a rock and don’t know how to function like a normal human being, the best way to start would be to observe how everyone else is behaving around you. After that, you can follow a few simple steps to insert yourself into their livelihoods.

Get with a crowd you’re most similar with: Finding people with similar interests is a chore and it gets worse if you have the personality of an extra-terrestrial. 

But to ease things along the way and make it seem as natural as possible, it’s best to get along with those you identify with the most. This way, you won’t get into a fight every three seconds.

Get yourself involved in social events: Having friends will make you seem more approachable. You might get invited to parties and other social events. You might feel uneasy but I’d advise you to attend as many of them as you can for the sake of appearing normal. 

Parties can be extremely intimidating, especially with unknown faces around. But if you can go the extra mile, you’ll surely get that tag of being extra normal. The next time you get that invitation, make sure you say yes, and don’t forget to put on your most stylish clothing to blend in with the rest of the party folks. So get that party started!

How To Stay Neat And Organized?

If you’re making friends and getting invited to social events, chances are, you might have to invite some of them to your own abode as well. The first step would be to not panic. You won’t get eaten so chill.  Then you can slowly transform your previous alien-like lifestyle to something more ordinary.

Dust and Mop

Having a pigsty as a house won’t get you any brownie points. Normal humans are proud of the cleanliness of their houses. So make sure to do a few household chores so you don’t shock your guests with a week-old banana peel at the side of the door. The last thing you’d want is to pay for someone else’s hospital bills.

Be vigilant and keep an eye on all the guests after they arrive. Keep them entertained and engage in normal conversations regarding the weather or your next-door neighbor. 

With these things in mind, make sure you keep the place neat and tidy unless you want your garbage to come alive in the middle of the night.

Daily Routines and General Hygiene

Do not and I repeat do not neglect the importance of staying clean. You might not be able to tell whether you smell or not, but someone in the room will surely pick up the stench. And as they’re normal, chances are that they won’t necessarily tell you about it.

So don’t forget to smell like flowers and stay on constant guard. 

Is It Healthy To Pretend To Be Happy?

The straight answer is no. This might confuse a few as the majority of the article tells you to do otherwise. But let’s get into it. You being normal or in this case ‘’pretending’’ to be normal won’t directly translate to you pretending to be happy.

Some might even say that there is no such thing as being normal as we’re all different in our own unique and special ways. We’re all here experiencing life on this wonderful planet but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any bumps and crashes along the way. We just need to pick ourselves up and move forward.

Final Words

Making friends, having conversations, networking, and just generally getting along with people might come naturally for a few and some might struggle with it for the rest of their lives.

No one has any control over their surroundings or the people surrounding them. But what they do have is control over oneself. You can spend years looking up ways on how to pretend to be normal but at the end of the day, you just need to find yourself. 

And if that revelation comes in the process of pretending, so be it. Hope this article gives you some insight on how to pretend to be normal. Thanks for stopping by.

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