Rebuilding Your Life: How To Start Over After Divorce With No Money?

Divorce is never easy for anyone, especially when you have no savings. Whether you are a man or woman, financial struggle after divorce is a common problem. So, you are probably thinking about how to start over after divorce with no money.

It is possible to turn around your life after a divorce, even if you have no savings and the will to work very hard. You have to look for an additional income source. For that, you must learn new skills and use the surrounding resources.

In this article, I will tell you how to start over in your life after a divorce. Based on these suggestions, you can make a plan to overcome your financial situation. But before that, imagine what kind of life you want after divorce and make plans to achieve that life. So, let’s dive right into it!

Think About Your Future And Make Plans For It

When something comes to an end, it’s time to rethink your options. In order to move on from your divorce, you should look ahead to your future. Obviously, you want to be happy on your own after the divorce. So, consider what kind of future you want for yourself.

Suppose, in the next five years, you want to be financially stable and get a flat and car of your own. Now, think about how you can achieve that dream? What do you need to achieve your goals? After that, make a bucket list. In that list, write down your career choice, new skills required for that career, how you can learn those skills, and so on. 

Make small plans to achieve your ultimate goal. Take one step at a time. You must remember that there is no shortcut to success. Hence, you have to be patient and determined to change your life. 

How To Start Over After Divorce?

It is often hard to focus on planning when you are mentally frustrated after a divorce. That is why people frequently make wrong choices. To help you make the right choice, we suggest you follow these steps to overcome your financial problems. 

Search For A New Job

 If you were financially dependent on your spouse, it might become challenging to start over in your career. However, it is not impossible. For the time being, you can use the little experience you have to apply to entry-level jobs.

If even that is not possible, look for part-time jobs in restaurants and food outlets. You can even work as a temporary driver if you have a driving license. Nowadays, it is even possible to earn money through freelancing. 

But remember, these jobs are just for your survival. Once you have gathered enough experience, you must look for a permanent source of income. 

Save Money As Much As Possible

Not everyone comes out from a divorce with a good amount of alimony or support. In such cases, it is important to save money as much as possible. It’s hard to save money from the small amount you get from a part-time or entry-level job. But you still have to cut some expenses for a while. 

So, you have to get mentally prepared to change your old lifestyle. It is hard to change habits, but saving money is crucial for your future. 

Seek Mental And Financial Support

If you are struggling to find a job on your own, you can seek help from the government or people you are close to. The government has some support programs to help unemployed citizens to find jobs. You can ask your friends and family to help you find a job.

You may also get into a support group to talk about your depression and mental condition after depression. These support groups often help their members to start a new life and job. 

Get Enrolled In Courses

It is difficult to get into a job without proof of experience. No one likes to hire people who have no skills. So, what can you do about it? Well, the easiest way to gain some expertise is by enrolling in relevant courses.

Since you will work in the daytime, you can enroll in evening courses. Make sure these courses teach you the skills to get your desired job. It is even better if you can get a certificate after completing the course. Your potential employer will appreciate certificates as proof of your ability. 

Take Loan From The Bank To Start A Business

Starting an online business can help you become financially stable. Since you have very little to no money, you must take a loan from the bank for that. However, you should be extremely sure that you can make money from your new business. 

You must not take financial risks after divorce. Therefore, start a small business first. If you see you are making profits, then you should look for investors for your business. It is not mandatory to take loans only from a bank. A family member or friend can also be your investor or partner. 

Temporarily Move In With Friends Or Parents

You will struggle to live alone after a divorce if you do not have a steady source of income. So, consider moving in with your parents or friends. It might be hard for you to live with them, but it is necessary to save some money.

Again, you may not even have a house or apartment anymore after your divorce. With no money in hand, it will not be a wise decision to rent a place. Instead, move in with someone who will support you for a while. 

Move To Your Own Place When You Are Ready

Remember, you are moving in with others temporarily. You must not get used to it. One of your goals has to be to have your own place to live in. So, when you start to earn enough money to rent your own place, you should move out.

This is a huge step, and it is necessary for you to develop your confidence. When you live by yourself, you can clearly think only about yourself and your future goals. 

However, when you are renting a place, you should be frugal. Your new apartment does not have to be luxurious. It should be comfortable and affordable. 

Have Control Over Your Impulsive Behaviors

Many people who fall victim to financial crises often look for shortcuts to earn money. They may start gambling or invest in the wrong business. Besides, many people continue the lavish lifestyle that they were used to. 

As a result, their financial condition gets even worse. They will not only be broke, but also fall into debt. Therefore, you must control your behavior and lead a simple life. If you have impulsive tendencies, think about how things can turn out bad for you. 

Take Time To Move On

For some people, getting over a divorce can be difficult. Some people are quick to move on, while others take their time. There is no need to rush. Take your time. Talk with your family and friends about your struggles. They will surely provide support and help you move on.

You should train your mind to think positively and give life a second chance. But you must not rush into a new relationship right after your divorce. This time, you have to think more carefully. Most importantly, you should have your own source of income before starting a new relationship.


Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on how to start over after divorce with no money. Getting financially self-sufficient after a divorce might be difficult. However, with your positive attitude and little support, you can deal with the problem sooner than you think.

So, take your time to heal and start your life with new motivation. 

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