How to Stop Your Boyfriend from Breaking Up With You? – Expert Advice

Arguments are inevitable in a relationship. Even with the best understanding between each other, it is normal for two people in love to get into disagreements. But, sometimes, things can go out of hand. Almost to the point that someone starts hinting that they want to break up. If your boyfriend is doing the same, then here’s how to stop your boyfriend from breaking up with you.

Start with communicating your concerns with him. Through communication, you get to hear his side, as well as let him know about your feelings. If he reveals that he is thinking about breaking up, ask what you can do to make it better. If there is something you did that had hurt him, apologize. Suggest some time apart but not a breakup. 

Every relationship is different. But the procedure to try and make things better is the same. It takes time and a few genuine steps. But often these steps do not work, and it might be time to move on. In this article, I have shared a few ways you can stop your boyfriend from leaving you, the signs that show that you can still save it, and when to move on. 

Ways to Stop Your Boyfriend from Breaking Up with You

If you have been noticing signs that suggest your boyfriend might be leaving you, then here are a few ways to stop him. 

Talk About Your Feelings and Let Him Talk About His

Have you heard about communication being the key? Well, it is the key to most of the things in life. When you are with somebody, you mustn’t suppress what you feel about the issues. You must speak up if you want the relationship to stay afloat.

Talk about what hurts you. Tell him how you are feeling lately and overthink about him leaving you. If it is evident that he is, express the way it is bothering you. 

It might even be that he feels you do not care. Express your love towards him by saying things like, “I love you even though I do not say it often,” or “I care about you, I will express it more.” But mean it when you say it. If he is an understanding man, he might assess things better. 

Often there is no fault, but two people fall apart. If that is the case, then hearing about how the tension between you two is hurting you might make him empathize. He might even be willing to make it better. 

But don’t just speak to yourself, let him speak too. Men are good at hiding their feelings. If he has something he was not able to talk about, allow him to let it out. Give him that scope that he is willing to participate in too. Do not defend yourself just yet, be open to what he has to say. 

Apologize If You Did Something That Has Hurt Him

If you have done something that has hurt him, and you know about it, just apologize. Be genuine about your apology and convince him that you will not do it again. Partners end up doing things that one of them may not like, and that is a common problem. But the method to fix it is to apologize. Sincerity and change along with apologies fuel the relationship to carry on. 

If you had cheated or disrespected him, he may be right in considering leaving. Take responsibility and try not to defend your actions. Instead, ask for forgiveness. Ask for time or another chance through genuine regret in your actions and words. 

Ask Him What Can Be Done to Fix It

While communicating, do not only state his faults, your faults, his duties, and your feelings. Also, talk about how you both can contribute to fixing it. If it was your fault why he is acting this way, then simply ask him what he expects off of you. Assure him that you will change. This will work only if you both have an understanding and love, and he is willing to make an effort too. 

If there is a habit of yours he does not like, change it. If it is a habit of his that you do not like and thus had an argument about, tell him. 

Suggest Some Time Apart Instead of Breakup

If he is sure about leaving you and does not want anything to do with you, I am afraid this will not work. But if he still seems up for suggestions, then tell him that you are willing to give him some space to clear his head. Maybe he needs time to analyze whether he wants to be with you. Allow him that space.

Sometimes, time apart fixes the lost feelings. And it often seems that two people get back together. 

Try Something New in the Relationship or Start Over

When two people are together for a long time, sometimes the excitement in the relationship wears down. One of the partners is likely to fall back and want to move on. If that is the case with your boyfriend, then suggest some new things in the relationship. 

Go on a vacation, start meditation together, adopt a pet animal, or get involved in activities that will make you work together. Surprise him with his favorite gifts, or spice things up with a romantic date. 

You can also start over if he is on the same page. This might work as you are leaving all the issues behind and starting everything again. 

Signs That This Relationship Can Still Be Saved

How to Stop Your Boyfriend from Breaking Up With You

You can easily tell the difference between your partner thinking of ending it with you from just simply being mad at you. You just have to take notice if his behavior has changed towards you negatively.

Firstly, does he always talk to you respectfully about whatever bothers him? This is great. It means he does not suppress and build it up, rather tells you your faults hoping you will change it. This ensures his eagerness to be with you. 

Follow his gestures, even after the tension you have been experiencing between you two. Notice if he still does the small things for you like buying your favorite drink, food, accessory, or flowers. This shows that his heart still craves to be with you, but the tension between you two is taking it away. It is your chance to turn it around.

Despite the arguments and issues, if your boyfriend still respects you and prioritizes you, there is still a chance to fix this. Become the best version of yourself in the relationship. You do not need to fake it. If you love him then express it. 

When to Know that it is Time to Move On?

If you are having a hard time trying to bring your boyfriend’s participation back into this relationship, then it is time you move on. 

Keep in mind, if you were at fault and hurt him badly. But if you still want to be with him, then you have to try your best. You have to make a genuine effort. But if it was a mutual issue, and you tried everything possible to make him stay, yet he decides to leave- then let him go. Well, in both of the scenarios, there is a time to stop, maintain your dignity, and walk away. 


When you are with somebody, arguments and fights come hand in hand with love and togetherness. But along with it also comes the ambiguous possibilities that can likely break a relationship. I hope after reading this article, you now know how to stop your boyfriend from breaking up with you.

If it still does not work after you have tried everything, I would suggest you love yourself, protect your self-esteem and move on! 

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