How You Can Stop Overthinking About Her

Think about a scenario where you’re all alone on the outskirts of a town, trying to catch a train back to the countryside. Right then and there, you see the most magnificent and lovely creature standing next to a run-down structure. 

You approach her with hesitation unwilling to show how nervous you actually are. You make small conversation and voila! You two are now married with three kids. Yeah, that rarely to never happens. But a person can dream, right? Now, let’s move back to reality to tackle real-life problems with high-end solutions.

As you’re already here reading this article, chances are that you’ve either had a recent breakup or came across a damsel you can’t keep your mind off of. Whatever the reason may be, I’ll be giving you a few methods to stop the stress and think about her less.

There are various methods you can follow, starting with more occasional human interactions to taking better care of yourself. It all boils down to your own will and self-determination.

And once you’re done reading this article, you’ll finally know how to stop overthinking about a girl.

Why Am I Overthinking About Her?

Before you can cease your thoughts about her, you need to identify the reasons behind them. What makes you think about her? Why does it keep you up at night? Is this infatuation? Or true love? Very corny stuff. But you need answers.

  • Remember the last time you met her: Was it at the bus station like one of those movies? Or someone in your class maybe? Wherever it was, just try to visualize it. Maybe it’s not even the girl that you’re thinking about. It might be the place or the event that makes you think about that encounter.
  • What’s causing it: What normally causes overthinking? Insecurities? Pent-up emotions and scarred memories? Or maybe you’re not focusing on your own life properly. You keep dwelling on other people’s lives that you end up finding no solace in your own.

How Do I Stop Thinking About A Girl?

If you’re one of the shy types, you’ve already made things a lot more difficult for you. In order to stop overthinking about one girl, you need to start talking with a bunch of others. As horrible as that sounds, it clearly works. But for that reason, you need to first put yourself out there.

Blind dates

When you’ve been talking to that one girl you like so much, you become invested in their daily lives. You suddenly become more aware of the slight changes they show and how they interact with others. If you’re not careful, this can very quickly turn into an unhealthy obsession. 

Hence you need to overcome it with all means necessary. Now I’m not saying that you need to go on a thousand dates to prove that you’re not thinking about her but a few more conversations with other lovely girls is bound to take your mind off of things.

Curb your emotions

No matter how many times you keep telling yourself that you’re in love and that all of this feels right, you’re just making yourself look like a nut-job. Get it together! Losing your sleep over someone who doesn’t feel the same way will get you nowhere.

These thoughts are mostly emotional and it’s restraining you from making rational decisions. But if you insist on clinging onto these emotions and act accordingly, you’ll just be pushing that one girl further away. So it’s best to keep it sealed away while time heals it.

Instead of wasting your time picturing fantasies, you should use it to build your self-esteem. Go out with friends and attend social events. If it’s validation you want, you can get it somewhere else. With improved social skills, you won’t find yourself constantly in need of reassurance.

How Do I Overcome Anxiety?

It’s okay to feel anxious or to have a fear of rejection. We need to be mindful of our surroundings and not get lost in translation. If you’re not careful, this anxiety of yours will very well take over your life. With constant worrying, it will move on to giving you lesser nights of sleep and no appetite.

But there are ways to overcome it. Once you’ve realized what’s causing it, you can slowly adapt ways to overcome it.

Face your Fear

This may be the toughest solution yet but it has a high success rate. Book an appointment with that girl you keep thinking of. And if you get lucky, she just might show up. This is the best chance for you to open up. Don’t be afraid of rejection as it will only make you stronger. 

Start by telling her that you didn’t call her here to just make her feel comfortable. Ask her if it’s okay to share your feelings as you’ve been struggling with it for some time now. The best thing you can do right now is to let it all out. And once you can let this all go, you’ll finally feel at ease.

Get Help

If the first one doesn’t happen or if it turns out horribly, there will always be other ways to overcome that anxiety.

-Talk to a friend: If your love interest won’t hear you out, you’ll always have your friends’ shoulders to cry on. This isn’t the time for you to lock yourself up inside your room no matter how much you want to. Go tell a friend or even a family member if you’re comfortable with that.

-Meditate and eat healthy: This will not be a good time for you to stop human interaction. You need to set routines and make a plan. The right kind of diet and simple meditation and exercises will rejuvenate your mind and relax your soul.

There are plenty of audio books and YouTube videos to help you on this journey of self-healing so don’t feel like it’s the end of the world. You’re not alone in this so shout it out loud and get on with it.

Is Thinking About Her A Sign Of Love?

In the final stage of this article, I’ll be telling you how worrying will never be a sign of love. If you’re constantly worrying about that said individual, chances are that you’re just confused between pity and actual concern.

Let’s take the girl for example. You feel like there’s something special going on. You keep wondering about what’s going on in her life. You keep checking up on her.

Worrying and wondering about how she’s been and where she’s going. It gets to a point where it’s unbearable for the person on the receiving end.

Now let me ask you this. Are you really concerned about her? Or do you continue to put on that persona of thinking that it’s an act of love? Something that’ll be brought to her kind notice and earn you brownie points. If it’s the latter, then I’ve sadly got bad news for you.

In Conclusion

It won’t be easy following these methods on how to stop overthinking about a girl. And along this long and difficult journey of life, you’ll be faced with many such unwanted attachments. Instead of keeping it locked up until you burst, it’s best to deal with it naturally.

The flow of time will eventually come and wash away the pain. Until then, you need to concentrate on taking care of yourself and as well as those amazing people all around you.

Thank you for taking the time to read the entire article. Hope it helps and good luck.

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