Is It Okay Cutting Off A Friend You Have Feelings For?

We choose our friends to make a family for the outside world. It’s very natural to develop feelings for a friend. But the problem is what if that friend doesn’t feel for you in the same way?  Unrequited love can be depressing because you care for someone who does not reciprocate your feelings. So is it okay cutting off a friend you have feelings for?

The answer is both yes and no. Sometimes it is not okay to continue the friendship with a friend someone has feelings for. It hurts if they use the feelings for their benefit or personal ego boost. It is better to cut off that friend. But if the situation is comfortable, and that friend respects the feelings, then it is wise not to cut that friend off while trying to move on.

You might get confused about how you should handle the situation. No worries! This article will help you to follow the signs and make the right decision.

What to Do If You Catch Feelings for A Friend?

Knowing you have feelings for someone creates a whole new world for you with a lot of questions and doubts. You start to overthink a lot. That’s pretty normal. Trust me! Everybody goes through the same situation when they start liking someone. There are lots of things you should and shouldn’t do in a situation like this:

Drop Hints

If you are not sure your feeling is reciprocated or one-sided for the friend you like, you can start dropping some hints. Because if you don’t try to convey your feelings, you’ll never know whether your friend feels the same way for you. And you will regret the whole thing later. So it would help if you dropped hints that you like that friend in a special way.

However, be careful that your friend doesn’t get embarrassed. Try to know that person in every possible way and drop hints according to his or her choice. If they get the hint, it would be better for you to understand their point of view as well. So, it’s better to try rather than regret later. If it works out, then great; if not, then move on.

Be Straight Forward

Most people appreciate being straightforward. If you think the friend you have feelings for is not getting your hints, you should talk to your friend directly. It’s better not to twist things. Directly speak to that friend and make sure it doesn’t create any uncomfortable circumstances. Look for an appropriate scope to talk about your feelings.

It would be best if you could do that on a suitable occasion. There is a pretty good chance that person will react positively after knowing your feelings.  So try being straightforward about your feelings and appreciate whatever result comes after this.

Follow The Signs

When you dropped the hints, and those are working, try to follow the signs. Keep your senses open and feel your heart. If the friend likes you too, then he or she will definitely drop a sign for you. You can go on if the sign is positive. But if it’s negative, it’s better to move on. If it feels like the friend is trying to ignore you, cut the friendship off with him or her.

It surely hurts when the feelings are not mutual, especially when the person doesn’t respect your feelings. You should move aside. It doesn’t worth trying if that person doesn’t understand what you are going through. You might get hurt if you don’t cut off the friendship, so it is better to move on and forget about him in such a case.

Take Mature Decisions

Always try to be positive and respect others’ points of view. If your friend is taking time to respond, patiently wait. Sometimes, it takes time to accept things. So think wisely and make mature decisions. However, if that friend directly denies and says it’s not possible, then it’s wise not to wait. If you think you can handle and control your emotions, then try to adjust with time.

In case it’s hurting you, you can cut off the friendship with the friend after the rejection. Because it takes a lot to see someone you love all the time around you, who doesn’t feel the same thing for you. If that friend is using your feelings for their benefit, ego boost, or making fun of your feelings, then leave him. That person doesn’t deserve your friendship.

Share Your Feelings

If you are having trouble making a decision alone, then share your feeling with a trustworthy friend. It will help you to see things more clearly. And also, it will keep away from overthinking. Sometimes, half of your problems are solved by talking to the right person. And it will also ensure you that you are not taking any wrong steps. So, find that advisor friend for you.

It would be best if you find someone to share with who knows both of you and your friend whom you like. Because you can have a third person’s opinion about the signs, you are following. But be careful; the friend you are getting help from doesn’t harm you behind your back. Sometimes, a small misunderstanding can ruin everything in a friendship.

Face The Situation

Lastly, no matter whatever the result comes, be strong and confident. Don’t run away and avoid the situation. It will haunt you later. So confidently face the situation. If the friend likes you too, then congratulations! But be mentally prepared for the adverse outcomes as well. If the person you like is your good friend, he or she will respect your feelings for sure.

Sometimes, the fear of losing a good friend doesn’t let you express your feelings. Later it will make you regret not saying anything. If the person understands you well, it is okay to continue the friendship even after facing a rejection. But if that is not the right person for you, just cut everything off with him. After all, your happiness matters the most.

When Is It Wise To Cut Off A Friend You Have Feelings For?

If you have feelings for your friend, and he doesn’t feel the similar way you do, it gets pretty embarrassing. It is also confusing whether it is right to ruin a good friendship by saying this kind of stuff. Well, first, you have to put yourself as a priority. If that friend is making you uncomfortable in any way or hurting you, you should cut off that friend at that moment.

So it is wise to cut off a friend you like when they don’t respect your feelings or make you uncomfortable for developing the feelings. Sometimes, it is okay to be selfish. Remember, you are important. And if anything is hurting you, cut it off from your life. And don’t let anyone ruin your happiness.

If you sacrifice your feelings for that friend and keep going on with your broken heart, it might cause big trouble for you later on. A study in 2011, shows that heartbreaks and failed relationships can cause you physical pain as well. So, it is wise to make the right decision at the right moment.


Every bond is unique. It might hurt cutting off a friend you have feelings for, but time will heal everything. So, follow these signs and make the right decision for you. We hope these things will solve your problem.

Remember, no matter what, you should do that, what makes you happy.