1714665640 582 DITL Takeaways MAY The Shu

May has been absolutely kicking my butt.

1714665640 582 DITL Takeaways MAY The Shu
some of these things are on track and some are most decidedly not

Factors at play:

  • Marathon training. I know, training isn’t exactly a new commitment for me. But running at the current intensity is beyond anything I have done in recent years, and I am absolutely feeling it. My mileage for the past 3 weeks: 70, 70, 66. All while the temps are rising (and this week, rapidly rising. #(!$*&@). Since starting to ramp up my running in September of 2022, I have never felt burned out or unexcited about heading out for a run. Right now, I am kind of there. Thankfully, I am in the taper phase so I guess the timing mostly worked out. I am excited for the race itself and I’m sure I will be excited to train again after my race at some point, but I am also VERY MUCH looking forward to some extra rest and fewer miles June through August.
  • Call week. I didn’t even work nights/weekends, but as always, being on call was action-packed and reactive and now that I generally count on ~40% of daytime work hours to be available for podcasting and the like, it’s difficult to lose those hours! I do a decent job planning ahead, but no matter what there’s a backlog by the following Tuesday (yesterday) at a time when I typically feel the most ready for an easier recovery day. I really do try not to schedule lots of hard landscape items on a post-call Tuesday, but sometimes it can’t be helped. Yesterday was completely packed, and I did it to myself. I did ask my sound team for an extension so that I didn’t have to speak into a microphone for the 7th straight hour and I am very glad I did that.
  • Really sad and emotional things. Grateful I am not referring to anything personally impacting me or our family, but just a lot going on in the community (and also the world) right now. I try to keep my news consumption very controlled (and I recognize the privilege in being able to do that) but still, sometimes really sad things happen and they take energy to process.
  • It’s May. I haven’t been as inundated as some, but the school events and ‘extras’ do seem to be coming fast and furious. In addition to the usual suspects (Mother’s Day events, end of year showcases), we’ve had a lot of ‘tryouts’ in our lives lately, which offer another level of challenging emotion to handle. C is currently in both soccer AND lacrosse so there’s a practice until 7:30 or 8 pm every single night (plus girls have gymnastics Tues + A has a later dance class Thurs).

All this is to say that the only progress I have made on ANY long term project is to (drumroll, please) . . MEET WITH OUR ESTATE PLANNING LAWYER yesterday morning!!! And she now has enough info to do some drafts and give us specific instructions on what to do with various accounts. I guess this is significant and should be celebrated.

Here are my revised goals for the rest of May:

1- ENJOY trip to Traverse City + the race, no matter the outcome. Appreciate the beautiful sights, weather, the break from parenting responsibilities, and the 1:1 time with Josh!

2- Do whatever the estate planning lawyer says to do with various accounts

3- Try to get more sleep. I think the early (VERY early) longer training runs have been creating a sleep debt issue and I don’t feel like I’ve been sleeping all that well a lot of nights, either.

4- Get back into podcast rhythms but do not stress about ‘extras’. Will dive into that in June.

5- Be kind to myself + have fun. As noted, it will not be realistic to do a ton of ‘extras’ in the next two weeks, so better to just take the pressure off. Things will slow down in summer. (I know sometimes people just imagine a less busy time to come, but objectively the June + July calendars will contain less. Fewer late nights with the kids’ activities will be a significant change, among other things.)

(And we can wait to stress about August until AT LEAST July. Lol.)

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