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I recognize this feeling.

It took me a while to accept that Instagram (quit in 2021 after this post) had basically become my new Facebook (quit in 2016).

I need to accept that Reddit has become my new Instagram.

And I’m really not willing to live with a distraction in my life that is as tempting and mind-numbing as any of these platforms, so it is time to say a firm goodbye. Every time I’ve left one of these platforms I have done it under the guise of a break, and each time I found that once I was free life felt significantly and objectively better, so I made the breaks permanent.

Two podcasts on my run inspired me this morning:

Scroll less. Live more. Have fun.”

Seriously, yes.

Will I need to eliminate another time/life suck in 3-5 years? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

Steps I have taken:

1- Told Kae/Coco of my intentions and promised them daily reports

2- Told my kids and Josh of my intentions (A in particular will be good about holding me to this)

3- Identified a little negative reinforcement strategy which I will not share here (and hopefully won’t have to share here!)

4- Logged out of the app and deleted my account


5- Written this post 🙂

Okay I feel freer already.

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