I’ve been loving all of the June posts and summer-themed podcasts.

(This morning I really enjoyed this one from Monica Packer of About Progress – we definitely lead very different lives but many commonalities there too and a ton of great ideas!).

Our June is a little weird and sort of . . .. empty!? We have no travel and fairly minimal evening kid commitments — C has lacrosse (games for his summer league) and A has gymnastics (just joined team) but that’s about it. There are no holidays other than Father’s Day and no random days off. I am not running any major BLP-related courses, having previously learned that this is not the mindset most people want to be in during summer. I don’t have any large projects due. There isn’t a marathon coming up. For better or for worse, there just ISN’T THAT MUCH GOING ON!!!!

Honestly, it’s kind of weird.

When I do my monthly planning, I always come up with a list of fun things going on. This month I could only think of taking the kids to see Inside Out, plus I will probably arrange for a date night.

I do have a week of call, and Josh is working two weekends. It will be interesting to see if call feels easier with less . . . surrounding it.




+ Fitness –> focus on strength / speed. Run a timed mile on the track (as a ‘before’)

+ Yoga –> listen, if I can’t fit it in now, it’s never going to happen (which might be the answer). So let’s try for now!

+ Read a lot and enjoy increasing my fiction-reading over the summer!! Specifically I’d like to ensure I spend a solid chunk of time reading before I do any scrolling.


+ Implement weekly + seasonal family meetings with more structure. We do this loosely. We could do it better!

+ Try to find a family TV show we can all enjoy! (Young Sheldon? Recs welcome . . . 6 yo girl / 10 yo boy / 12 yo girl; we are not particularly worried about mature topics or language, more worried about holding everyone’s interest)

+ FINISH THE ESTATE PLANNING (by end of summer)


+ Start working on decluttering visible spaces

+ Audit our family budget. Lifestyle creep is real. Big kid activities are expensive. Big KIDS are asking for more material things (and pricey ones at that). I just want to make sure we are spending consciously on our actual priorities.

+ Make one fun summery dessert


+ Thrive (to the extent possible) during call week

+ WORK ON BOOK PROPOSAL (have workable version by end of July)

+ Pitch some running podcasts to see if anyone wants to feature a normal-person (as opposed to pro/elite/sub-elite/naturally fast) runner with some podcasting experience (why not lol)

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