Midday Rambles

Midday Rambles


I finally started my book proposal document!! I’ve done so much thinking about this, and I have little notes and ideas saved in various places, but today was the first day I actually started putting together an actual document. I am using a template that a gracious podcast listener sent me (her own non-fiction proposal that was accepted – in a TOTALLY different realm than mine, so I am definitely not at risk of doing any copying!). I’m also most of the way through Jennie Nash’s Blueprint for a Nonfiction Book, which essentially contains a template after the initial blueprint portion (I didn’t realize that until I got to that point!).

(Her template is also available free here on her site, though more info about each section is in her book.)

I am absolutely writing stuff that will need to be revised, revamped, and edited up the wazoo (to use a technical term, lol). But it’s a start! And I feel confident I can have a complete rough (very rough) first draft done by the end of July. So that’s exciting!

Mid-day run!?

Midday Rambles

I just ran at noon. I know, bad idea, right? I really needed some extra sleep this morning and figured a run would be a nice “break” in the middle of my planned writing-intensive day. Honestly? It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.

I probably picked a decent day, because when I headed out it was 84F (not 90F) and 75% humidity. My phone said the “feels like” was 91, but the dew point was 75F — pretty similar to what it is most mornings (fact check: it was 84F yesterday morning according to my friend’s “DewMe” app). So I’m not suggesting that running at noon in the summer is a wonderful idea, but if you live in a very humid climate and pick a day that isn’t the hottest ever, it’s not necessarily the worst thing, either. Also helpful: my neighborhood is very tree-lined so there is a ton of shade. We actually chose to live in this particular complex in part because the tree canopy is so nice.

(I was not doing any speedwork, mind you. And my HR certainly ran higher. But I felt fine!)

So, I’m on call next week.

According to my calculations, I will also absolutely be PMSing!! Maybe that’s best, get all of the unpleasantness out of the way at once, perhaps? I am already gearing up to make things easier on my future self — planning to record an extra BLP over this weekend, for example. I know being on call will heighten my desire for digital escapes (ie Reddit scrolling – none for 4.5 days now!), so I will be particularly mindful of that and have alternatives ready.

I had a great week in January and a decent one in March so I feel confident I can do that again! (I was also in call in May, but had weekend/night coverage so that doesn’t really count!)

ALL RIGHHHHT. This has been a nice week. I am off to the dentist and then to write some more (table of contents section, I am coming for you. Helps that a draft version already exists in my Apple Notes!)

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