Olympic Trials + Kid Fevers

Olympic Trials Kid Fevers

VERY exciting race:

I am almost never up at 10 pm but last night was a little wild. A had her fourth day of 103F fever so I decided it was time to get her seen (thought maybe she needed a chest Xray). Josh stayed home with the other 2 kids while A + I headed out to urgent care at around 6:30 to return home at 9:30 PM with antibiotics (rapid strep + and now I feel dumb for not taking her earlier, but her cough threw me off). On the positive side, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the urgent care experience was (not too crowded, got seen in relatively quick time frame, etc).

SIDE NOTE: She was scheduled — very strategically, I might add — for wisdom teeth removal Friday but I’m thinking they will probably not want to move forward with that after just 3.5 days of treatment so . . . example of some best laid plans that didn’t work out all that well. Ahh well. Not the end of the world.

Then I got a series of pages so I was fully awake when the race began, so I figured I’d watch! It was pretty exciting. I won’t give away any spoilers in case you want to be surprised but wow – all of these women are just amazing. I tried leaning forward the way Elle St. Pierre does in my run this morning and shocker, it didn’t work for me for the way it seems to for her!

Olympic Trials Kid Fevers

I am tired today (got more pages until around midnight) and may actually bring a backpack with a pillow or something squishy so I can take an official Office Floor Nap and have somewhere to put my head. Honestly I feel like a little 20-30 minute lie down would probably do wonders.

In other slightly more arbitrary news, July 1st is apparently my new January 1st when it comes to planners. I’m looking forward to breaking into my EC Lifeplanner (3 box vertical, kicking it old school!) and the second half of my Hobonichi Cousin Avec. Inspired by Amanda I will tryyyyy to do a midyear planner stack update.

I’m kind of embracing this midyear fresh start! ANOTHER Monday 1st which is pretty cool – having both January 1 and July 1 fall on Mondays only happens during a Monday start year and a leap year so I guess . . . 1/28 of the time?

FINAL NOTE: CALL FOR Qs – doing a Q&A ep on BOBW soon. If you have questions feel free to submit them here or via email (sarah hart unger at gmail)!

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