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I gave myself a very chill agenda today. Yesterday we ended up having massive flooding in the area and I had flashbacks to the scariest drive I ever took (April 2023). I did end up making it home (everyone at work stayed in touch about which roads were drivable) but there was a minute there when I considered how bad sleeping on the hard floor of my office would really be.

Random Catch Up Things The Shu

(Answer: probably pretty bad, but survivable.)

ANYWAY. I did make it home but the cortisol rush was followed immediately by this feeling of OMG I AM SO TIRED. I put G to bed and ended up sleeping over 9 hours. This morning, I dropped off the girls (they have camp at the dance studio; C’s camp was cancelled but also he is a bit sick, so that worked out!), and did my workout in a leisurely fashion.

It is NOON right now and I have accomplished very little (honestly a nice reminder of why I generally aim to be DONE with all exercise by 7ish) but I feel lucky that I was able to grant myself this chill morning.

Thank you to those that shared your own golden hour victories + struggles. I still don’t feel entirely set on how this time ‘should’ be used but I think it is worth thinking about (and again – I’m very excited that there will be a whole book on it soon, plus I have easy access to the author for consultations, haha!).

Oh! And I started the strength program (The Stronger You with Ben Alldis -here’s a review I read). I was totally sore after just the TEST WORKOUT so wow. Today I did #2 (upper body). I have had to reduce weights significantly from what I was used to selecting – choosing like 8-10 lb for shoulder raises instead of 12-15 lb. And it did not feel easy plus I expect to be sore tomorrow.

One reader thought I might hate it because there is not much rest and I complained about cardio mixed in with my strength, but so far it’s okay. It’s true that a I do prefer longer rest periods but my real pet peeve is mixing in things like jump squats, mountain climbers. Maybe those are coming in workout #3 – hope not! I do like that the first workout was designed to completely fatigue one muscle group and then move onto the next.

I’m about to head out to take A to her ‘new student’ meeting at the new school – she’ll get her placements electives etc. (Maybe this is partly why I just allowed myself to call this day a wash, lol). Hopefully I can figure out where to park! Then comes the orthodontist. Please flooding rains, stay away until at least later tonight . . .

(At least I am pretty certain my golden hour activity will involve more of Still Life. I’m getting closer to the end and I want to know what happens!)

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