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Recovery Week #2

Reading Workouts The Shu
2 weeks post marathon
1717945290 960 Reading Workouts The Shu
well that was quite the hiatus!

And a (sort of?) triumphant return to strength training!

M: 6.15 mi with J + T (some slightly faster 8:30ish miles and a R/W segment with T who is recovering from injury) @ 9:43/mi ave

T: 6 mi @ 9:26/mi

W: 5 mi @ 9:05/mi ave + EVLO Lower Body (wall sits omg kind of forgot about those) before the run

R: Gentle run with strides, 9:57/mi average. Felt peppy on the strides!

F: 5 mi @ 8:58/mi, felt peppy AND had some awesome ideas on this run. I also did a 20 min EVLO Core/Back session before the run

S: 90 min longish run, 9.59 mi @ 9:22/mi ave. I felt pretty terrible on this run! I’ve been really tired this weekend so maybe some kind of subclinical viral thing going on, or maybe I’m just not entirely recovered yet and this longer duration run exposed that. (It was also 76F / 88% humidity “feels like” 81F but I mean . . . that is the daily norm now!). I also did a 30 min Barre workout from EVLO (mostly glute focused)

S: Will be EVLO Full Body

Totals: 37 mi / strength x 4 sessions (including the one I haven’t done yet today!)

So what is this EVLO thing? I did a free trial of EVLO (it’s 14 days but you have to remember to cancel!) as recommended by a Patreon member. I found the workouts okay but not better than Peloton which is much cheaper (~$55/month vs $15/month), so I won’t be continuing the trial. But it was fun to try something new!

I appreciated that EVLO generally didn’t seem to try to force cardio into the workouts (something that can annoy me with Peloton — I get enough cardio on my run, I don’t want it mixed with my strength!) BUT they were generally circuit style with zero rest between exercises which I didn’t love, and I didn’t always find the cueing to be perfect. Plus they used a lot of bands/sliders and I find that I seem to be able to get a decent strength workout without those things on Peloton with less fuss (weights only).

SOOOOO it’s back to Peloton strength I go, after today’s workout! I’m going to try this program:

Reading Workouts The Shu

You all know I like a good PROGRAM!


I finished Decluttering at the Speed of Life! Current books are below. I am about 30% through Playing Big and close to halfway done with Still Life. Still Life is great AND it sort of puts me to sleep!? Something about the cadence? I love all of the characters and the imagery though (the landscape and the food!).

Reading Workouts The Shu
I didn’t mean to get the large print edition of Still Life but it’s fine!

Books read in 2024 so far:

22 – 11 nonfiction (includes one memoir) + 11 fiction

(I almost always end up reading about 50 books/year — why am I so predictable? Lol.)

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