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M: REST (took 2 days of complete rest as race was Saturday)

T: 20 min easy run — I set out to walk but then tested the waters with a few running steps and it felt good, so I did 20 minutes’ worth. 2.08 mi @ 9:43/mi followed by 20 min of walking. My quads were definitely still sore but the light running felt good.

W: 20 min easy run — still some soreness, but definitely less than before. 9:30/mi.

R: 30 min easy run — not feeling sore anymore and legs starting to feel normal! 9:12/mi.

F: 40 min easy run — felt pretty normal though with no desire to push the pace. 9:15/mi.

S: 6 mi run — felt so leisurely to run for less than an hour on a Saturday! Not going to lie, I enjoyed the extra sleep. 9:18/mi.

S: EVLO Upper Body Foundations workout!! (I signed up for a free trial). I swallowed my pride and used weights that were way lighter than before . . . and it was still challenging. (Also a bit boring, not going to lie. I think my goal needs to be to master a strength routine I can eventually just set on autopilot and listen to podcasts while I do it . . .)



Decluttering at the Speed of Life by Dana K. White – ~50% through. I’m reading it instead of actually decluttering, haha.

Still Life by Louise Penny – ~10% through (just started really!)


The dance show was SOOOOO good!! G made so much progress since last year and A’s two dances were awesome, especially her jazz one (to Applause by Lady Gaga).

Recovery Week Reading The Shu
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(the quote from C is from a pandemic-era video where he made some funny comments about G dancing, it is a family classic)

AND, A made the competitive gymnastics team for next year (Xcel, for those in the gymnastics world which I think is the right call for a 12 year old just starting on team!). We just got the summer practice schedule and it’s pretty intense, 3 x 3.5 hr sessions per week! I am already wondering what next year will look like with now both A + C in more time consuming activities. BUT, I’m also so excited for her (and she is very excited too). And she will be able to continue some dance too which she really loves.

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