Several Confessions

Several Confessions

#1 I still haven’t cleared out / finished responding to my email since call. Call was 6/24 – 6/30. Of course there has been triaging/archiving, but I need to respond and process and deal with things. There just hasn’t been a “good day”. Maybe tomorrow will be that day, but I’m getting my hair done and that takes forever, so maybe not.

#2 I really dislike strength training. Kae made a good point in her post today that there is no inherent reason I love running and hate strength, just like there is no real reason she feels the exact opposite. I wish I liked it. I know it’s better if I just do it anyway. But man — I know exactly why it falls off of my schedule so easily — it’s just zero fun! (Somehow I had *some* fun with strength training when I was in my Beachbody phase. Or maybe things were just so boring during COVID that it felt . . . exciting? I definitely do best with a ‘program’. I am trying Caroline’s IRON series and survived leg day but her workouts are ESPECIALLY boring and torturous to me. Even though I think she seems like a delightful and kind person.)

#3 I have SUCH MIXED FEELINGS about kids and screens. The Anxious Generation is already making my head spin. I truly would love it if we could get rid of every single cell phone for teens and tweens. BUT . . . it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen any time soon, and I do not feel it would be good for my tweens if they are the only outliers WITHOUT the access that their friends have. Particularly for group texts and the like. I would seriously enroll them in a Tech Free Bubble School where NO ONE is allowed to have a device, but this does not exist in South Florida.

(On the other hand, I do not want them on social media — particularly any platform with influencers of any kind — until . . .well, indefinitely at this juncture.)

On weekends, we often let them play on screens in the afternoons. They are generally playing video games (everyone) or watching TV shows (the girls) . These activities do not really bother me that much, maybe because I did both of those things growing up (though the games were less addicting and fun. STILL THOUGH — how many hours did I spend on the original NES or playing computer games on floppy disk? Many. It’s not called the Oregon Trail Gen for nothing.)

We used to do Screen Free months. I would love to do this again with maybe an exception for texting. It’s also interesting to bring the kids into this conversation. Anyway. More to say on all of that. I do kind of miss 1995.

(Also, I know you’re reading this on a screen of some kind. And I’m typing it on one!! So yeah. VERY MIXED CONFUSING FEELINGS.)

Several Confessions

#4 I kind of have planner peace again!? Okay, this is a more positive confession. It may be that all I really need to function in life is an Erin Condren Life Planner (the 3-vertical box layout) and a Hobonichi Cousin. (Okay fine, and a 5-year journal.) This isn’t all that much of a stack but really packs a LOT of punch.

Several Confessions

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