7 Signs He Told His Friends, He Likes You (Know The Secrets)

Being in love is beautiful but confusing at the same time. Have you been wondering if your lover is talking about you to his friends? We all have wondered about this at some point in our lives.

If a guy is interested in you, you can be almost sure that his friends know about it. Most commonly guys are pretty expressive about liking someone with their friends. Of course, there will always be some shy guys who bottle up their feelings quite well. But, that is more common among girls than guys.

In this article, I will discuss about seven signs he told his friends, he likes you. Keep on reading the full article to learn about all of them. 

How Do You Know He Talks About Liking Me To His Friends?

When a guy likes you, he will definitely talk about you to his friends. He will let them know how amazing you are in his eyes.

You should observe your guy’s body language and behavior in order to understand him. Understanding is necessary to build when you are planning on seeing your guy more in the future. You will not be hanged in the middle with all your feelings if a man truly wants you in his life.

There are some gestures that are indications of a man’s liking towards you. But not everyone is a pro in identifying a sign that is quite evident. You need to be alert if you are confused about his feelings for you.

Here are seven signs he told his friends, you’re special to him to help you understand your man more.

1. He Posts About You In His Socials

In this digital era, social recognition is a very big deal. If a guy likes you, he will post about you. You don’t have to bug him to post about you. If he wants his friends to know about you, he will flaunt you in front of everyone.

The majority of people will link you with whatever they see on your social platform. We live in a technological environment. If he freely shares photos and stories with you, he has no issue letting the world know that you’re a part of his life.

So, if he’s posting you on his socials, then sit back and relax. He must really like you; then he will happily post with you happily. He will make sure everyone knows the girl he loves. If he’s doing it, then be happy and confident of his feelings right away.

2. He Takes You Out To Meet His Friends

Guys are very particular about introducing a girl to their friends. Unless they are very sure about a girl, they won’t let their friends meet the girl. But if he’s willingly taking you out to meet his friends, it’s a green flag.

You’ll most likely meet his pals early on, and this man will be observing your bond with them. Friendship approval is crucial to start a successful relationship. It’s difficult to date someone whose friends despise you. When he begins inviting you out with him and his pals, it indicates he has already informed them about you, and they already approve of you.

When he’s taking you places with his friends, it means he wants you to get along with them. Therefore, while this is happening, connect with his friends so that they like you. This way, it will be easier for him to balance both his love life and friends.

3. He Will Make Sure Everyone Knows When You Are Together

When you spend time with your man, he will make sure everyone knows that you are out with him. He will share it with his friends and family as he’s serious about you.

When he’s always talking about you when you are not around, you’ll still know it. His friends will know you by your name. They will tell you how he gushes about you all day when you aren’t around.

When you guys go on dates, he talks about it with his friends with joy and excitement. You’ll always feel like he’s upholding you in front of people that mean so much to him. He’ll not hide you from anyone.

4. He Will Always Find Time For You

No matter how busy he is, he will always check up on you if you are special to him. He will communicate with you in any circumstance. That’s how you know he truly loves you.

Making time for your partner is the smallest and kindest gesture. If he’s letting you know his whereabouts, you should know he cares for you. He cares for you enough not to leave you hanging in the middle of a conversation.

He’ll tell you about his day and will want to know about your day as well. You’ll see him showing up even when you did not expect him. He will surprise you and say awake till 3 Am to talk with you.

5. He Lets You Connect With His Friends On Social Media

Social media has a massive impact on your man’s behavior. If he lets you connect with his friends, he must really like you. If you are getting requests from people who are only mutual with your guy, it’s no coincidence.

Your man has talked enough about you that has made his friends curious about you. They want to know you better and befriend you. Or maybe they want to see how you were from your virtual presence.

Either way, if you are getting to keep in contact with his friends, girl, you are going in the right direction. He wants his friends to know about you. Thus if you are getting requests from his friends, it’s a sign.

6. He Shows Affection No Matter Where You Are

Some men are rigid about showing affection in public. They’ll throw you off if they see their homies around. When your man has no problem in PDA, you are good to go.

Not every couple can be romantic in public. Unless your partner is sincere about you, they won’t show too much love in public. If he is holding you or kissing you publicly, it shows his seriousness for you. So this is a wonderful way to find out whether he mentions you to his family and friends.

7. He Talks About A Future He Sees With You

When someone talks about a future he sees with you in your absence, you should know it’s real. A man sees a future with a woman with whom he wants to have a family. If that girl is you, then you are very lucky.

Your guy totally adores you when he talks about your future with him as well. He wants you to feel safe and comfy with him. What’s purer than that? He will do anything for you. So, observe carefully if he talks about small things of the future that he wants to do with you.

Is It Good That He’s Talking About You?

If you are serious about this person, of course. Letting his friends know that he likes you is a clear indication that he plans on staying with you rather than making it a one-time thing.

So, whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing solely depends on you. Are you with him for a serious relationship? Or are you here just for some casual fun? If it’s the latter, then I guess this scenario wouldn’t be very comfortable for you.

In that case, you should let him know about your side of the story and ask him to keep the topic of the relationship to be between him and you.


Love is majestic, and you shouldn’t be hesitant while showing your affection to your partner. There are some ways you can know what the behavior of your significant other indicates.

Today I’ve discussed about seven signs he told his friends, he likes you. If you are noticing these actions in your lover, then he’s undoubtedly into you and letting everyone know that.